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(Sunday, 24th Jun, 2018)
Swine Flu Articles  
Child has died of swine flu in Dublin  (05/02/2016)
Visitor restrictions extend to CUMH  (21/02/2014)
Swine flu confirmed in CUH  (20/02/2014)
HSE moves to reassure narcolepsy patients  (10/12/2013)
Warning of bird flu pandemic threat  (14/11/2013)
Narcolepsy group seeks answers at EU level  (11/11/2013)
Bird-to-human flu transmission confirmed  (25/04/2013)
High risk groups urged to get flu jab  (21/12/2012)
More deaths from new virus  (13/12/2012)
Resisting patient demands for antibiotics  (05/12/2012)
People urged to get flu, pneumo jabs  (08/10/2012)
Pharmacy flu jab service extended  (28/09/2012)
More elderly getting flu vaccine  (25/04/2012)
Flu jab link to brain disorder cases  (19/04/2012)
Flu jab-narcolepsy link reported  (19/04/2012)
Call for new serious incident health body  (04/04/2012)
Reviews aim to shed light on flu deaths  (04/04/2012)
HSE warned homes of rapid flu spread   (03/04/2012)
HSE probes six nursing home deaths  (02/04/2012)
Malaria death risk in elderly  (28/03/2012)
Reilly says he will act on narcolepsy-jab link  (08/03/2012)
Flu cases double in past week  (16/02/2012)
Malaria deaths underestimated  (03/02/2012)
Narcolepsy vaccine link progress criticised  (11/01/2012)
GP flu jab fee is cut  (26/10/2011)
Concern over narcolepsy/vaccine link  (16/09/2011)
Narcolepsy now directly linked to flu  (22/08/2011)
New concern on flu jab-narcolepsy link  (04/07/2011)
Flu outbreak peters out  (04/03/2011)
Flu rate continues to decline  (18/02/2011)
15 flu deaths now recorded  (03/02/2011)
Four more deaths in flu epidemic  (20/01/2011)
Change to flu vaccine policy during pregnancy  (19/01/2011)
Flu patient flown abroad for care  (18/01/2011)
Two deaths as flu rates break records  (13/01/2011)
'Move A&E patients to prevent infection'  (12/01/2011)
100,000 extra flu vaccines ordered  (10/01/2011)
Big upsurge in flu cases  (06/01/2011)
Further rise in swine flu cases  (03/01/2011)
Swine fu on the rise  (30/12/2010)
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