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(Wednesday, 29th Mar, 2017)
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Cervical Cancer  (07/03/2006)
X-ray review confirms nine missed cancers  (04/11/2008)
Cervical cancer jab campaign starts  (16/09/2010)
Cervical jab for girls likely in 2009  (05/08/2008)
Cancer care problems widespread, expert says  (06/11/2007)
100 cancers detected by CervicalCheck  (29/09/2010)
Deal paves way for new drugs  (19/06/2012)
'All-in-one' heart pill being tested  (17/05/2010)
Fertility risk with cancer care  (10/08/2011)
New Irish cancer discovery  (08/08/2012)
Minister 'still committed' to cervical jab..  (25/03/2009)
US expert says revolution needed in heart care  (01/12/2014)
Barrington's - inappropriate care finding  (01/04/2008)
Urgent breast cancer tests delayed  (20/09/2012)
'Over 70s medical card saved lives'  (24/01/2011)
Bowel test waits reach record levels  (18/06/2012)
New colposcopy service at Mater Private  (18/08/2010)
'Teens should get cervical jab too'  (06/08/2008)
Politicians to be educated on HPV vaccination  (16/09/2016)
Expert warns obesity now 'a pandemic'  (10/02/2014)
Harney relents on cervical vaccine  (16/01/2010)
Cervical screening now by invitation  (04/09/2009)
Regular screening stops cervical cancer  (24/01/2011)
Older people getting inappropriate meds  (06/04/2011)
Breast cancer crisis - nobody shouted stop  (08/11/2007)
Call for probe in new cancer controversy  (10/09/2008)
Many not surprised by vaccine decision  (17/11/2008)
Cervical screening should continue after 50  (24/04/2009)
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