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The Irish Sleep Apnoea Trust is a non political, non profit making Patient Support Group for sufferers (and their families) of Sleep Apnoea.

The ethos and management style of the Irish Sleep Apnoea Trust is one of transparency in its decision making process coupled with a commitment to serve and deliver benefits to the members. Effective communication is a cornerstone of this style.

To ensure delivery of these and our principal aims, our Committee is elected annually and is governed by membership approved Rules, and Accounting and Administrative Procedures and Controls. This is in addition to the normal regulations governing corporate bodies. The Committee Structure provides for membership representation from each of the Health Board areas, and local committees, to ensure regular contact and input from all opinions within the Trust.

Regular contact is also maintained through our newsletter and email updates. Our web site is used as an information, awareness and communication portal for our members and the general public. It also acts as an important communications portal for interaction with other groups, feedback and membership surveys.

Aims and Objectives
To increase public and professional understanding of the significance of the diagnosis and the correct treatment of Sleep Apnoea in terms of good health, safety and the economy.

To reduce the incidence of health and safety problems related to insufficient sleep and undiagnosed and untreated Sleep Apnoea.

To actively lobby for and support increased education about and scientific research into the diagnosis and treatment of Sleep Apnoea.

To advocate public policy initiatives which promote education about, research into and treatment of Sleep Apnoea.

To research and collate information on the dangers to sufferers of Sleep Apnoea and disseminate this information to the public, patients, healthcare professionals, the appropriate public authorities and employers through active advocacy, information leaflets, media releases, educational events and a website.

To work with government agencies, professional bodies and industry to increase public awareness of the problems related to Sleep Apnoea.

To promote evidence-based best practice and promote the availability of such clinical services for Sleep Apnoea sufferers in all areas of Ireland.

To seek governmental, charitable and commercial funding for research into Sleep Apnoea to allow improved treatment.

  • Sleep Clinics in Ireland - list available from website
  • CPAP Suppliers/ Distributors in Ireland
  • Sleep Profiler including the Epworth Test for Sleep Disorder

Address: Irish Sleep Apnoea Trust,
  P.O. Box 8440,
  Dublin 24.
Tel: 086 605 3891

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