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The Parkinson's Association of Ireland is a charity, based in Dublin with branches throughout the country. Our aim is to assist those with Parkinson's, their families and carers, health professionals and other interested people by offering support, a listening ear and information on any aspect of living with Parkinson's. 

Aims and Objectives
Our aims:

  • to help and support patients and carers by developing a support network of branches throughout the country
  • to make information available to patients and their families through seminars, magazines, information leaflets and branch meetings on a national and local level
  • to facilitate easy access to all appropriate services for people with Parkinson's and to lobby to improve those services
  • to help establish a network of Parkinson’s Disease Nurse Specialists within a multidisciplinary setting, each in association with a neurologist and or a geriatrician.
  • to promote and encourage research into Parkinson's.

Our office is open Monday to Friday and is staffed by our CEO, Joe Lynch and our Helpline Manager, Pauline Mahady. We also run a Freephone Helpline from Monday to Friday from 9am to 9pm each day. We can send you information on various aspects of Parkinson's treatments, information about your rights and entitlements, exercise classes and meetings. If certain information is not to hand we should be able to refer you on to the right place. 

Parkinson’s Association of Ireland is also raising awareness through educating the public, health professionals and influencers, to give a greater understanding and acceptance of Parkinson's.


We fundraise to help provide essential services throughout the country. Currently our primary aim is to ensure the provision of Parkinson's Disease Nurse Specialists, ideally working in association with neurologists or geriatricians based within a hospital environment and half based in the community. Ensuring that patients have the best possible care ensuring the best possible outcomes.

We to lobby for greater facilities, such as access to physiotherapy and speech therapy that can transform lives by maximising function. 

We are aware that budgets are strained, but we feel that those with a neurological disorder are badly served, both with access to specialised care - essential with advancing progression of the condition - and the more modern treatment options, as well as rehabilitatory services.

Address: Parkinson's Association of Ireland,
  Carmichael Centre,
  North Brunswick Street,
  Dublin 7.
Freephone help line: 1 800 359 359
Office: 01 - 872 2234

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