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Muscular Dystrophy Ireland
Muscular Dystrophy Ireland (MDI) is a small national organisation with a membership of approximately 500 people.

The MDI Youth Group
was set up six years ago and since its establishment it has gone from strength to strength and has developed into an energetic and hard working group. Volunteer youth leaders help run this group and work directly with the young members. Their work involves integrating these youngsters into services presently available to young people, linking the young MDI members with each other, and devising activities to meet the social needs of these young people.

A General Description
Muscular Dystrophy is a collective term for a wide range of neuromuscular disorders characterised by the progressive degeneration and weakening of muscles, which can affect both adults and children. All forms of muscular dystrophy are hereditary, with the genetic defect transmitted by one parent in some forms and both parents in others. However, there are many cases of muscular dystrophy in families with no known history of the condition which are caused by spontaneous mutation. The most common form of muscular dystrophy is known as Duchenne muscular dystrophy. It is an x-linked condition and thus, only affects young boys. As the muscles deteriorate, the affected boy becomes weaker and over a period of time, loses power of ambulation. Duchenne muscular dystrophy can be recognised clinically by the age of two, and due to the progressive nature of the disorder, many boys will require a wheelchair between the ages of eight to ten. Affected boys have a low resistance to infection and death usually results, prematurely, from respiratory failure. Neuromuscular conditions vary in how they are inherited, how they progress, age of onset, severity, symptoms, treatment and prognosis.

Aims and Objectives
Its primary objective is to provide support to persons affected by muscular dystrophy and their families through the provision of a range of support services such as counselling, freefone, respite care, holidays, youth activities, independent living and training opportunities. It also funds medical research. To help carry its main objective, MDI employs five Family Support Workers. The role of the Family Support Worker is to visit members and their families in their own homes and to identify, evaluate and advise on the problems that may arise out of neuromuscular conditions including welfare issues. The Family Support Worker also works closely with MDI's Information Officer, whose role is to gather and disseminate information on the different types of neuromuscular conditions and on the various benefits that our members are entitled to. The Information Officer makes this information available to the affected families, and to other interested parties.

Services available to the members of Muscular Dystrophy Ireland
  • Funding of medical research into MD.
  • Informative Centre
  • Family Support Service / Domiciliary visits
  • Professional Counselling for the parents and young persons / adults affected by muscular dystrophy
  • Respite Care Service
  • Equipment loan library and interim funding of medical equipment
  • Holiday Programmes
  • Youth Group
  • Women's Support Group
  • Computer Training (home-based)

  Muscular Dystrophy Ireland,
71/72 North Brunswick Street,
Dublin 7.
Tel: 01 - 872 1501
Freephone: 1 800 24 53 00
Fax: 01 - 872 4482

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