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The Home Birth Association is a voluntary group, founded in 1982 to give information and support to those considering and opting for home birth.

It helps parents make an informed choice by publishing leaflets, answering telephone queries, keeping lists of midwives, running monthly open meetings, and organising workshops and conferences.

HBA also lobbies and makes submissions to the relevant authorities, urging them to provide more information on home birth, to reintroduce practical domiciliary midwifery and to integrate nationwide domiciliary care into the maternity services.

HBA receives no funding from any source other than membership subscriptions.

Aims and Objectives
  • To increase public awareness of birth as a natural event rather than a medical problem and to present home birth as a viable option.
  • To work towards the re-integration of domiciliary births into the general maternity services.
  • To provide practical support and assistance to parents who choose home birth.
  • To advise parents as to their legal rights to have a home birth and in particular, to inform them of the Health Board's statutory obligations to provide them with medical and midwifery services.
  • To monitor Health Board practices in discharging their obligations under the Health Acts with regard to home birth.
  • To support parents, as far as is practicable, in their legitimate demands for services from the Health authorities.
  • To liaise with organisations, such as the Association for Improvements in Maternity Services, the Irish Childbirth Trust, La Leche League etc., active in the area of childbirth whose aims and activities run parallel to those of the Association.
  • If requested, referral to adoption and fostering service is available
  • To compile information on home births, particularly as they occur among members, whilst paying due regard to the confidentiality of the members' enquiries.
  • To encourage and where appropriate, to participate in research in this area.
  • To promote a wider understanding of home births through the provision of the Association's newsletter, the organisation of group meetings and through contact with the media.
  • To initiate and/or maintain regular contact on behalf of the members with the health authorities and other statutory bodies such as VHI, with professional organisations such as the Irish Nurses Organisation, and with personnel working in the maternity services.
  • The newsletter is a quarterly publication giving updates on developments with the Health Boards, midwives information, birth accounts, childbirth related events and more.

  Homebirth Association of Ireland,
1 Lumiera,
Rocky Valley Road,
Co Wicklow.
Tel: 01 - 276 1812
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