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The Irish Kidney Association (IKA) was formed in 1978, by patients for patients and their families. The Association provides help to newly diagnosed renal failure patients, as well as continuing help to those already being treated. Members can receive assistance in the form of information or physical or emotional support from a group of people who really understand the challenges that are encountered when living with renal failure.

An important, additional purpose of the Association is to support and encourage research into the incidence, prevention and treatment of kidney disease. And to foster a better understanding and knowledge of this major health problem, through public and professional education. As a voluntary body, the IKA depends mainly upon fundraising to match its major commitment to finance medical research and public education, the issue of multi-organ donor cards and to support the organ donor.

The Association is a national one and has branches throughout the entire country and is the only organisation working solely in the interest of patients with chronic renal disease.

Aims and Objectives
The IKA works to improve the lives of patients and their families by:
  • Disseminating information on kidney diseases to new patients and their families, especially with regard to the financial and social effects of kidney failure.
  • Improving the conditions and quality of dialysis in the treatment units.
  • Providing practical assistance to enable the patients and their family to live as near normal a life as possible.
  • Funding practical clinical research projects recommended by the Medical Research Committee or the National Executive Committee (The IKA Board).
  • Working to improve allowances and medical standards for patients and their families.
  • Increasing the number of dialysis units in the line with modern practice. (The long term effects of sustained travel has been well researched by the EU).
  • The rehabilitation urgently required for transplant recipients if they are to overcome their trauma and returrn to normal living.
  • Joining with other organisations in furthering the aims of the IKA.

  • IKA regards patient support as the prime function of its 23 branches countrywide.
  • IKA distributes Organ Donor Cards nationally.
  • IKA organises National Donor Campaigns once a year but promotes public awareness all year round through national advertising and similar.
  • IKA provides counselling at Donor House.
  • IKA sees full rehabilitation as a priority for all patients.
  • IKA publishes Support, a quarterly newsletter, posted free to each patient.
  • IKA provides free patient manuals and informative booklets.
  • IKA has available an information sheet on patient tax allowances entitlements regarding treatment, travel and other expenses.
  • IKA provides free holidays for members at its apartment complex at Tramore.
  • IKA helps members arrange foreign holidays requiring dialysis facilities.
  • IKA may assist with the installation cost of a telephone for new dialysis patients.
  • IKA recognises the importance of psychological and financial support at a traumatic period in a patient's life. Patient aid is available in emergencies to cover costs such as electricity, telephone, clothing and travel.
  • IKA will negotiate with the statutory or financial services on behalf of the patient and their family.
  • IKA has funded treatment Units for Waterford, Limerick, Sligo, Cavan and Tralee.
  • IKA provides Community Health education on results of chronic renal failure. A video is available free for clubs and schools.
  • IKA sponsors social and sporting events for all kidney patients.
  • IKA provides a counselling service. Contact Dorothy McCarthy, BSc, MSc Healthcare, Psychologist, at Donor House.

  Irish Kidney Association,
Donor House,
Block 43A,
Dublin 12.
Tel: 01 - 668 9788
Fax: 01 - 668 3820

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