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Age Action Ireland is the national independent organisation on ageing and older people. It acts as a network of organisations and individuals including older people and carers of older people. It is a development agency promoting better policies and services for older people in an ageing society.

Aims and Objectives
  • To improve communication and co-operation among the organisations and individuals concerned with ageing and older people.
  • To enhance the exchange of information and views about the needs of older people and the development of appropriate policies and services.
  • To promote greater interest and involvement in research.
  • To assist and undertake innovative projects and services for older people and their carers.
  • To assist statutory and voluntary agencies in developing more effective policies and services.

The Arts
Age & Opportunity works closely with the major national arts venues and with arts organisations to promote older people's involvement in the arts, as artists, events organisers and as audience.

Go For Life campaign
aims to get older people more active and involved in recreational sport and challenges the belief that physical activity is only of benefit to younger people

Creating awareness of ageism
All of Age & Opportunity's work is designed to challenge negative attitudes to ageing and older people

The Media
Age & Opportunity works with the media, encouraging an open-minded approach on issues concerned with older people.

Links with the Health Services
Age & Opportunity has close links with the regional health boards, which facilitate an interchange of ideas and information.

Public Libraries
Many libraries have initiated projects in partnership with local groups of older people, in particular establishing senior reading groups

A regular newsletter, Challenging Attitudes, reports on the organisation's activities and keeps readers abreast of new publications, educational opportunities, legislation and international developments in this rapidly changing area

  Age and Opportunity,
Challenging Attitudes to Ageing ,
Marino Institute of Education,
Griffith Avenue,
Dublin 9.
Tel: 01 - 805 7709
Fax 01 - 853 5117
Email: info@olderinireland.ie
Web: www.olderinireland.ie

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