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Irish ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Support Group

M.E. usually starts after a viral illness and is recognised as a neurological condition by the W.H.O. However, perhaps because it is a largely invisible illness with routine tests usually being normal (although research has found many subtle abnormalities), sufferers often face many difficulties getting appropriate support and treatment. It is now often diagnosed under the name Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Through our various activities and awareness campaigns we strive to improve the situation for people with ME/CFS and to give them information to empower themselves. The group, which has been run entirely by volunteers for the last seven years, has approximately 400 members, from the estimated 10,000 sufferers in the ROI.

Aims and Objectives:
  • To offer support for sufferers and carers.
  • To provide information.
  • To promote greater understanding and awareness of ME/CFS in the general public, medical profession and other related services.
  • To raise money for research.

  • Regularly meetings
  • Information helpline and telephone support network
  • Awareness-raising (especially through the media)
  • Advocacy
  • Fundraising for research and other services, etc.

  Irish ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Support Group,
  PO Box 3075,
  Dublin 2.
Tel. 01 - 235 0965

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