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An Ireland where minority ethnic communities and individuals enjoy a quality of life determined on the basis of equal opportunity and full realisation of their rights.

Cairde is a non-government organisation working to reduce health inequalities amongst ethnic minorities. Cáirde is committed to supporting the participation of communities to enhance their own health.

Cairde aims to tackle minority ethnic health inequality by initiating programmes and actions which model community development approaches to tackling health inequality and which address the wider factors that influence health at the community level, factors including; Accommodation; Education & Training; Employment; Childcare; Financial Security; Residency Status; Racism and Discrimination and other Asylum/ Immigration Issues. These actions are described on the leaflets enclosed. Cairde acts to articulate its activities at community level into the policy system through a coherent programme of research and policy development.

Aims and Objectives
Cairde’s aim is to tackle health inequality experienced by minority ethnic communities and individuals by working through community development to build the capacity of minority ethnic communities and individuals to realise their rights by engaging directly with and influencing the policy system.

Cairde aims to develop an understanding at community level that health inequality is a direct consequence of wider societal inequalities.

  • To build the capacity of minority ethnic community organisations to identify their own needs and develop an awareness of the policy context within which services are planned and delivered;
  • To build the capacity of minority ethnic groups to act collectively in identifying the health and wellbeing concerns of their communities and engaging with statutory service providers and planners so that genuine processes of consultation and participation are initiated between ethnic minorities and the policy system;
  • To target at risk or disadvantaged minority ethnic groups and provide tailored supports to build their capacity i.e women, people living with HIV, Roma etc.;
  • To advocate on behalf of individuals with statutory and other service providers;
  • To provide information and other resources to community groups and individuals and/or groups working with ethnic minorities.

Healthwise Community Impact (HCI):
Training/Workshops, Ethnic Minority Health Forum, Ethnic Minority Web Portal, Resource Centre, New Communities Partnership

Women's Health Action (WHA):
Advocacy and Support, Lobbying and Policy Development, Development and Capacity Building, Women as Leaders programme

Resource Centre:
Drop-in Facility, Advice and Supoort on areas impacting on health (including Immigration, Social welfare rights and entitlements, Accommodation, Employment opportunities, Education/training courses, Referral to relevant support organisations, Health service accessibility - ie Medical cards), Childcare Centre, How to access childcare, Meeting/Training Facility

Address: Cáirde,
  19 Belvedere Place,
  Dublin 1.
Tel: 01 - 855 2111
Fax: 01 - 855 2089

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