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North Fingal ADD/ADHD
Parent Support Group

North Fingal ADD/ADHD Parent Support Group for parents of children with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) /ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and Children. The North Fingal ADD/ADHD Parent Support group was formed in September 2001 in response to parents feeling very much alone in their efforts to deal with children/young people with ADD/ADHD. Similarly, parents were concerned about the lack of supports/services for parents of children and children with ADD/ADHD.

Aims and Objectives
  • Raise awareness of ADD/ADHD among teachers and the community at large
  • Provide support and information to parents through the support group
  • Improve current service provision for children and their families through lobbyingand partnerships with other support groups etc.
  • Strive for a multi-modal approach to be adopted for diagnosis and treatmentof this condition

The North Fingal ADD/ADHD Parent Support group meets monthly, where support through information sharing and advice is given to parents through the meeting. Likewise, areas of priority are addressed such as Public Awareness, improvement of services as well as upcoming seminars and training sessions. Similarly, guest speakers are invited to the group to give presentations on specific areas e.g. social workers, psychologists, nutritionists etc.

Address: North Fingal ADD/ADHD Parent Support Group,
  Co-operation Fingal,
  BEaT Centre,
  Unit 14,
  Stephenstown Industrial Estate,
  Co. Dublin.
Tel: 01 - 802 0484
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