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Diagnosed with MS?
Multiple Sclerosis Society, 2004 (272k)
When you are first told that you have MS, you are likely to feel shocked and bewildered. There are so many questions that you want answered. Most people have heard of MS, but any real knowledge of it is likely to be based on someone you know who has it, or things you have heard through the media or press. click to download

Information Sheet: Fatigue
Multiple Sclerosis Society, 2004 (72k)
Fatigue may be the most disabling symptoms experienced by a person with MS. Everyone involved in the treatment of MS must be aware of the problems that fatigue can create, including both poor physical ability and increased cognitive difficulties. click to download

Control emotions
Multiple Sclerosis Society, (136k)
Multiple Sclerosis has been compared to the unexpected visitor who arrives at your house, complete with bags and baggage, and never leaves. This visitor has the tendency to spread his belongings through every room of the house, affecting the lifestyle and activities of the household. click to download

Information Sheet: Diet
Multiple Sclerosis Society, 2004 (104k)
A balanced diet is essential to the efficient running of your body. It will help to maintain a healthy lifestyle, reduce fatigue and aid the immune system to battle infection. There are no quick fixes. The only tricks are to eat foods that are nutritious, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly. click to download

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