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Bereaved by suicide
Southern Health Board, (232k)
This booklet contains information on a range of services and suggestions that the Forums feel may be relevant to those who have been bereaved by suicide. click to download

What everybody should know about depression
Multiple Sclerosis Society, 2004 (792k)
It’s a common mood disturbance – feelings of sadness, disappointment or loneliness that can lead to: withdrawal from people and activities, loss of pleasure and enjoyment of life, physical discomfort, aches, pains, fatigue, poor digestion, sleep disturbance, etc. click to download

Eating Disorders-Anorexia and Bulimia Nervosa
Health Promotion Unit, 2002 (40k)
Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa are eating disorders where the person affected has an excessive desire to remain thin and to control body shape and weight. Both disorders are much more common in women than in men. click to download

Fragile X
Health Promotion Unit, 2002 (24k)
Syndrome is the most common identifiable inherited cause of intellectual disability (mental handicap). It occurs more in boys than in girls and is associated with varying degrees of intellectual disability. click to download

Information Sheet: Stress
Multiple Sclerosis Society, 2004 (72k)
Stress is a normal part of every day life. Not all stress is bad - getting married , having friends over for a meal or having a baby can all be sources of stress and yet are happy occasions that most of us would look forward to. However too much stress can make it hadr to cope with our normal day-to-day tasks. click to download

Reach Out - Action on Suicide Prevention
Department of Health and Children, 2005 (896k)
Suicidal behaviour represents a global public health problem and its prevention continues to provide a major challenge to health and social services at all levels of Irish society. More people die by suicide in Ireland each year than in road traffic accidents. Currently, youth suicide rates in Ireland are fifth highest in the European Union click to download

You are not alone - A guide for survivors
Health Service Executive, 2003 (736k)
This booklet is designed to provide some brief general guidelines in managing the immediate events and in coping with the long-term future.  Most of all, it is an attempt to communicate the fact that you are not alone. Many others have experienced a death by suicide so much so, that they are offering support on an ongoing basis following a terrible event in their own lives. click to download

A handbook for employers and employees
Eastern Vocational Enterprises Limited, (328k)
This handbook was written be E.V.E. Limited to assist employers and employees develop a shared understanding of the practical accommodations and supports that can be provided within the workplace for people who experience mental health difficulties. It was developed in partnership with employers, people who experience mental health difficulties, service providers and our social partners. click to download

Student Guide - Inclusion, Equality, Mental Health
Schizophrenia Ireland, 2005 (112k)
Everyone’s well-being (of body or mind) needs looking after. Mental health can be harder to care for than physical health because the signs of becoming unwell are not easy to quantify. click to download

Learning about Mental Illness
Schizophrenia Ireland, 2004 (144k)
This is a booklet to help you to understand more about what mental illness really is. It is specially designed for children whose parent, brother or sister are experiencing mental ill health. click to download

Discover the road ahead
Pharmaceuticals Europe Ltd, 2004 (624k)
This handbook aims to offer support to anyone who has been affected by schizophrenia or psychosis. Whether you have the illness yourself or are caring for a family member or friend, you will find information here to help you. click to download

Coping with Stress
Samaritans, 2008 (188k)
Recognising the signs of stress, and some ideas about how to reduce your stress levels. click to download

Depression and Suicide
Samaritans, 2007 (76k)
An academic overview of the cliinical syptoms of depression, its prevalence and impact on suicide rates. click to download

Mental Health Problems and Suicide
Samaritans, 2007 (72k)
An academic overview of mental health in the UK and Ireland and the impact on suicide rates. click to download

Young People and Suicide
Samaritans, (104k)
An academic look at the suicide rates in the UK and Ireland amongst young people. click to download

Youth and self harm: Perspectives
Samaritans, 2007 (432)
A summary of research commissioned by Samaritans and carried out by the Centre for Suicide Research, University of Oxford in 2000-2001. click to download

Looking Ahead
Health Service Executive, 2008 (3.4MB)
Like physical health many factors can shape our mental health; a well balanced lifestyle, realistic expectations of ourselves and others, recognising diffi culties early and seeking appropriate support. Great progress has been made in recent years in the successful treatment of mental health problems and many new approaches are proving to be very effective. click to download

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