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A healthy cholesterol for a happy heart
Irish Heart Foundation, 2003 (312k)
You probably already know that cholesterol has something to do with heart disease. But like many people, you may be confused about cholesterol, all the different fats you eat, what happens to them in your body and how they affect your heart. click to download

A guide to a healthier heart
Health Promotion Unit, 2000 (1.7MB)
The Healthy Heart Handbook will help you Strive for Five - five things which you can do to feel well, be active... and enjoy heart health. click to download

A handy guide to walking for a healthier heart
Health Promotion Unit, 2002 (232k)
Walking is one of the easiest ways to be physically active! This leaflet explains why walking is good for you. How much you should aim for and how it fits into a busy day. We list 11 useful tips what will help get you started and keep you going. click to download

All about your heart... and stroke
Irish Heart Foundation, 2003 (336k)
Most of us probably do not realise how important the heart is until something happens either to ourselves or to our loved ones. We often do not look after our hearts well enough and take for granted the work our hearts do every second to keep us going. click to download

Step by step through Angina
Irish Heart Foundation, (1.9MB)
Angina is short for the term angina pectoris, which means chest cramp in Latin. It is discomfort you experience when your heart cannot get enough blood. The discomfort does not damage your heart but is a warning symptom that there is a problem with the blood supply to your heart. click to download

What is blood pressure all about?
Irish Heart Foundation, 2003 (272k)
Everyone has blood pressure. It shows the amount of work that your heart has to do to pump blood around the body. click to download

Cardiac Catheterization and Angioplasty
Irish Heart Foundation, 2005 (968k)
A cardiac catheterization is a test using dye and x-ray to see if there are any problems in the arteries, valves or chambers of the heart. click to download

Get active for a happy heart
Irish Heart Foundation, 2003 (192k)
Regular physical activity is one of the main factors which reduces your risk of heart attack, along with not smoking and having a healthy level of blood pressure and cholesterol. Being active is the one factor that you can influence and change yourself without medication or treatment, and usually with very little cost. click to download

Good eating for a happy heart
Irish Heart Foundation, 2003 (208k)
Healthy eating is essential for good health. What you eat can either protect you or increase your chances of getting diseases like heart disease. This leaflet will give you tips for a healthy and enjoyable eating plan which is also good for your heart. click to download

Living well with Heart Failure
Irish Heart Foundation, 2005 (344k)
In this book you will find advice on how to manage your symptoms. When you have finished reading the book you will not be as frightened by your condition. click to download

Step by step through Heart Attack
Irish Heart Foundation, 2005 (504k)
This booklet will help answer some of the commonly asked questions you or your friends or family have about heart attacks. You will learn how the heart works and what a heart attack means. click to download

Time to cut down on Salt
Irish Heart Foundation, 2004 (800k)
People in Ireland are eating too much salt, which is linked to high blood pressure especially as you get older. Blood pressure shows the amount of work that your heart has to do to pump blood around your body. click to download

Inheriting Heart Disease
Irish Heart Foundation, 2005 (1.1MB)
A high blood cholesterol level is, like smoking and high blood pressure, one of the many factors that increase the chance of getting heart disease. click to download

Are you ready to lose weight?
Irish Heart Foundation, 2003 (416k)
Being overweight means that your heart has to work harder to pump blood around your body. This extra pressure can cause wear and tear on your heart and blood-vessel system. click to download

Stopping Smoking for a healthier heart
Irish Heart Foundation, 2003 (160k)
Smoking is a major risk factor for heart disease, including heart attacks and stroke. Smokers are twice as likely to suffer a heart attack than non-smokers. click to download

Manage your Stress for a happy heart
Irish Heart Foundation, 2003 (216k)
Stress can mean different things to different people. For some it can threaten to take over their lives while for others, once they are aware of its causes and effects, stress can add excitement and challenge to their lives. click to download

Irish Heart Foundation, (264k)
Having a stroke can be one of the most distressing experiences that can happen to anyone. For the family, especially for the person who is left mainly in charge, it can be a bewildering situation with uncertainty about what is happening and what the future holds. click to download

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