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Digestive Fitness Information Bureau, 2006 (828K)
A fit digestive system is essential to maintain a healthy balance in our bodies – known as homeostasis. If the balance goes out of kilter, there will be noticeable changes in the quality of our physical health. In the case of our digestive system, we may begin to feel bloated, "windy" and lethargic and may experience abdominal pains. click to download

Lifestyle Factsheet
Digestive Fitness Information Bureau, 2006 (1.1MB)
Lifestyle is key to our health. In today’s hectic world of deadlines and stress, it is hard to focus on getting a balanced diet and regular exercise. But without a close look at our lifestyle and determining ways of leading a healthier life our bodies will soon feel the effects. click to download

Good eating for a happy heart
Irish Heart Foundation, 2006 (204K)
Healthy eating is essential for good health. What you eat can either protect you or increase your chances of getting diseases like heart disease. This leaflet will give you tips for a healthy and enjoyable eating plan which is also good for your heart. click to download

NHF Health & Lifestyle Research
Nutrition & Health Foundation, 2005 (5.5MB)
The past few decades have seen enormous change in the way that Irish people live their lives. Our exercise and food intake patterns are very different now compared to as little as twenty years ago. click to download

Workplace Wellbeing
Nutrition & Health Foundation, 2006 (220k)
The Nutrition & Health Foundation aims to provide consumers with evidence-based information on nutrition and physical activity, to enable them to make informed lifestyle choices. It is an innovative multi-stakeholder approach to addressing the health challenges of our nation, bringing together industry, government, state agencies, internationally recognised scientists, health professionals and other relevant stakeholders. click to download

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