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A parent's guide to drugs
Health Promotion Unit, 2003 (64k)
Drugs and drug use strikes at the very heart of parents’ deepest concerns. Talking with your children about drugs and drug use can be quite a challenge. Many parents feel they don’t know enough about the subject or they may think that young people will not listen to them. click to download

Health Promotion Unit, 2002 (32k)
The drug Cannabis comes from cannabis sativa, a bushy plant grown in many parts of the world. It can take three forms; Cannabis Herb consists of the leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant. It is also known as Marijuana, Grass, Dope, Pot and Weed. click to download

Drugs. There are answers
Health Promotion Unit, 2003 (192k)
Drug use is a complex issue that affects everybody in Ireland today. A recent Health Research Board survey showed that three out of every four Irish people don’t have enough information, or have the wrong information, about drugs. click to download

Southern Health Board, (32k)
Ecstasy may be classed, in drugs terms, as a hallucinogenic amphetamine, usually available in a variety of home-made capsules or tablets which are taken by mouth. click to download

Facts about drug misuse in Ireland
Health Promotion Unit, 2003 (776k)
The aim, as always, had been to provide the nontechnical reader with jargon-free (well almost!) background information on legal, medical, social and historical facts about drugs used for nonmedical purposes in Ireland. click to download

Health Promotion Unit, 2002 (24k)
Acid is an hallucinogenic drug which comes either in pill form or impregnated on a piece of blotting paper. It is sometimes known as trips, tabs, or by the designs that appear on the pills or paper, for example strawberries. It originally became popular during the sixties, and is now sometimes used within the rave scene. click to download

Health Promotion Unit, 2002 (24k)
One of the most commonly used drugs of them all, alcohol comes in many different forms like wine, beer and spirits. Addicts sometimes turn to extreme forms like chemical alcohol or meths. Alcohol is a depressant. click to download

Health Promotion Unit, 2002 (16k)
Otherwise known as speed or poor man’s cocaine, this generally comes in powder form and is snorted up the nose. It can also come in pill form or be injected. click to download

Amyl Nitrine
Health Promotion Unit, 2002 (24k)
This comes in liquid form in small bottles and the vapour from the bottle is inhaled through the nose. click to download

Health Promotion Unit, 2002 (24k)
This drug comes in powder form and is snorted up the nose with a straw or a rolled up piece of paper. Occasionally, it is smoked with tobacco or rubbed on the gums. It is often diluted with some other substance such as baking powder. It may also be injected. click to download

Health Promotion Unit, 2002 (16k)
One of a number of opiates derive from the poppy plant, heroin comes most commonly in the form of a white powder which is either injected or smoked. It is also known as horse. click to download

Magic Mushroom
Health Promotion Unit, 2002 (16k)
These are hallucinogenic mushrooms that grow in the wild. Users dry them and either eat them or make them into tea. click to download

Health Promotion Unit, 2002 (16k)
Solvents are substances which are inhaled including glue, nail polish and remover, lighter fuel, petrol, aerosols, cleaning agents and correction fluids. click to download

Southern Health Board, (24k)
There are literally thousands of different prescription tranquillisers on the market and they generally come in tablet or capsule form. click to download

Understanding Drugs - A guide for parents
Health Promotion Unit, 2002 (48k)
Drug abuse can occur in any family. The prospect of a son of daughter becoming involved in drug abuse is frightening. It is important for parents to be informed about drugs and to be vigilant, without being over-anxious. click to download

Cocaine - The Facts, 2008 (188K)
Cocaine is made from the leaves of the coca plant, which grows mainly in South America. In Ireland it comes in two forms – cocaine powder and crack cocaine. Cocaine powder is usually used by snorting through the nose. It is sometimes injected and has also been eaten. Crack cocaine, also called ‘rock’, ‘stone’ or ‘free-base’, is a more addictive form of cocaine and is usually smoked. click to download

The party's over (black), 2008 (56K)
Fact: Cocaine use destroys male sexual performance and can cause impotence. It ruins relationships and causes family breakdown. It breeds lies, deceit and dishonesty, wrecks careers and can put you in serious financial debt. click to download

The party's over (red), 2008 (56K)
Fact: Cocaine is a social poison. It ruins friendships, families and communities. By using cocaine you become an active part of a cycle of intimidation, violence and serious criminal behaviour that affects innocent people. click to download

Know the facts about drugs, 2008 (1.4MB)
Research shows that frequently people don’t have enough information, or have the wrong information, about drugs. Knowing the facts makes it easier to talk about drugs in an open and informed way. This booklet gives you: • Facts about some common myths. • Details of where to get more information, support and help. • Information on different types of illegal drugs. click to download

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