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Dental Care

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Tooth Tips for 2 to 7 Year Olds
Detal Health Foundation, (240k)
An A4 version of this colourful poster is available for download here. click to download

Tooth Tips for 0-2 year olds'
Dental Health Foundation, 2002 (696k)
An A4 size of this colourful poster is available for download below. click to download

Root Canal Treatment - Information Leaflet
Irish Dental Association, (40k)
Root canal treatment (root canal filling) is needed when the pulp, commonly called “the nerve” is either inflamed, dead or infected, or is at risk of becoming so in the future. click to download

Post Extraction Advice Leaflet
Irish Dental Association, (24k)
This one page leaflet explains what precautions you should take after having a dental extraction. click to download

Oral Health & Disability: the wat forward
Dental Health Foundation, 2005 (952k)
Oral Health and Disability: the way forward” is a significant initiative by the National Disability Authority, the Dental Health Foundation, and Trinity College Dublin, School of Dental Science. click to download

Your smile - diet and oral health
Irish nutrition and dietetic institute, 2003 (64k)
Good dental health can be achieved by a combination of dental hygiene, and watching what we eat and drink. The nutrients calcium and Vitamin D are very essential for good bone and teeth development and care must be taken to ensure an adequate supply. click to download

Dental Amalgam Factsheet
Irish Dental Association, (32k)
This two page leaflet answers some common questions on the use of amalgam in dentistry. click to download

Healthy Teeth for Life
Dental Health Foundation, 2005 (664k)
It’s getting easier to make sure that children have healthy teeth. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, fluoride, found in the water children drink and in the toothpaste they use, has made teeth stronger. click to download

Mighty Mouth
Dental Health Foundation, 2005 (1.7MB)
The Mighty Mouth Schools Programme has been developed as a significant evidence based oral health promotion tool in the overall delivery of dental care services for young children living in Ireland. click to download

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