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A Guide to Rethinking your Drinking
Health Promotion Unit, 2003 (952k)
You don’t have to be dependent on alcohol to benefit from drinking less. If your drinking is linked to any problems you have – small or serious – cutting down can help. click to download

Alcohol and Injuries in the A&E
Health Promotion Unit, 2000 (416k)
In 2000, the WHO Global Burden of Disease study reported that injuries, unintentional and intentional, accounted for 40% of the disease burden attributable to alcohol. These included road and other transport injuries, falls, drowning and burning injuries, occupational and machine injuries, alcohol poisoning, suicide and assaults. click to download

Women and Alcohol
Health Promotion Unit, (24k)
The effect of alcohol on the individual varies considerably. Much depends on the person’s body weight and size, the speed at which they drink, their general state of fitness, whether they have eaten and the amount of alcohol consumed. click to download

Is drinking a problem in your home?
Health Promotion Unit, 2002 (32k)
“My partner’s drinking does my head in. I think there’s a problem…” click to download

Worried about your parents drinking?
Health Promotion Unit, 2002 (32k)
“when Dad’s been drinking he changes and I hate it….” click to download

Southern Health Board, 2002 (32k)
“if you think you might be drinking too much – or you know someone who is – this leaflet is for you….” click to download

Little book of Women and Alcohol
Health Promotion Unit, 2003 (312k)
Roughly one drink per hour is a useful guideline as this is the rate at which your liver breaks down alcohol. click to download

Health Promotion Unit, 2002 (24k)
One of the most commonly used drugs of them all, alcohol comes in many different forms like wine, beer and spirits. Addicts sometimes turn to extreme forms like chemical alcohol or meths. Alcohol is a depressant. click to download

Straight Talk, 2008 (328k)
Welcome to ‘Straight Talk’ - a guide for parents on teenage drinking. It provides information on teenage alcohol use, gives practical advice for parents on how to deal with it and explains what the law says about teenagers and alcohol. click to download

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