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20/01/2021 61 more COVID deaths confirmed
20/01/2021 New asthma resources for minorities
20/01/2021 No return to school for kids with special needs
19/01/2021 A further 93 deaths from COVID-19 confirmed
19/01/2021 Mental health severely affected by pandemic
18/01/2021 2,121 more cases of COVID-19, eight more deaths
18/01/2021 Check on older people during lockdown - ALONE
18/01/2021 Vaccine call for those with obesity and diabetes
17/01/2021 People urged to consider their choices this week
16/01/2021 Sixty more deaths from COVID reported
15/01/2021 Fifty more COVID deaths reported
15/01/2021 CMOs urge people to stay at home
15/01/2021 Current COVID wave "worse" than last year
14/01/2021 New model of care for adults with ADHD
14/01/2021 Morale of public health doctors seriously damaged
14/01/2021 Nurses call for urgent Govt intervention
13/01/2021 A further 63 deaths from COVID-19 confirmed
13/01/2021 COVID close contact health staff back to work
12/01/2021 46 more deaths from COVID-19 reported
12/01/2021 Citizens' jury to debate health information...
12/01/2021 Many benefits to electronic patient records
11/01/2021 "First glimmer of hope" in COVID cases - CMO
11/01/2021 Most COVID patients have ongoing symptoms
11/01/2021 New alcohol regulations come into effect
08/01/2021 Children's hospitals prioritising urgent care
08/01/2021 U-turn on partial reopening of schools
08/01/2021 Staffing levels in health service "in freefall"
07/01/2021 Europe is at "tipping point" in pandemic
07/01/2021 Childcare for frontline health workers needed
06/01/2021 Record 7,836 cases of COVID-19 confirmed
06/01/2021 Schools closed until end of January
06/01/2021 Dentists waiting seven months for promised PPE
05/01/2021 5,325 more cases of COVID-19 confirmed
05/01/2021 190 organ transplants carried out in 2020
05/01/2021 Most smokers plan to quit the habit
04/01/2021 A further 6,110 cases of COVID-19 confirmed
03/01/2021 Almost 5,000 cases of COVID confirmed
02/01/2021 3,394 more cases of COVID-19 confirmed
01/01/2021 First baby of 2021 born in the NMH