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27/11/2020 Country to start moving to level 3 next week
27/11/2020 Big gender gap in STEM professions
26/11/2020 Big jump in use of telemedicine
25/11/2020 Lung cancer symptom may be masked by COVID
25/11/2020 New study finds high rates of sexual violence
24/11/2020 226 more cases of COVID confirmed
24/11/2020 Over-65s advised to take vit D supplement daily
24/11/2020 Call for free flu vaccine to be extended to teens
23/11/2020 Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine 70% effective
22/11/2020 318 more cases of COVID, one more death
21/11/2020 COVID cases exceed 70,000
20/11/2020 A further 330 cases of COVID-19 confirmed
19/11/2020 429 more cases of COVID, four more deaths
18/11/2020 Number of deaths from COVID exceeds 2,000
18/11/2020 Portion information can affect eating habits
17/11/2020 Closure of head shops reduced drug harm
17/11/2020 Alcohol use common among 15 and 16-year-olds
16/11/2020 Many don't know where to report adult abuse
15/11/2020 378 more cases of COVID, one more death
13/11/2020 New video series to support people with MS
13/11/2020 Scientists a step closer to new arthritis therapy
12/11/2020 Mental health programme for health practitioners
12/11/2020 Keep supporting older people - ALONE
12/11/2020 Most value family life more since pandemic
11/11/2020 Cloth face masks superior to visors
11/11/2020 People with diabetes urged to monitor health
10/11/2020 New research on talking with teens about sex
09/11/2020 Asthma and COPD can worsen during winter
08/11/2020 542 more cases of COVID, two more deaths
06/11/2020 4,400+ patients on trolleys in October
06/11/2020 One-third of doctors abused during pandemic
05/11/2020 591 cases of COVID, three more deaths
05/11/2020 Do not go to pharmacy if self-isolating - IPU
04/11/2020 444 more cases of COVID, 8 more deaths
04/11/2020 New online mental health programme launched
03/11/2020 200,000 children impacted by parents' drinking
02/11/2020 MS Ireland READaTHON begins
02/11/2020 HSE called on to make obesity treatment available
02/11/2020 Majority fully complying with COVID restrictions
01/11/2020 552 more cases of COVID, two more deaths