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22/01/2020 Dentists urged to discuss election with patients
22/01/2020 CORU warns against working without registering
22/01/2020 250+ cases of mumps so far in 2020
21/01/2020 New campaign to raise awareness of CVD in women
21/01/2020 Chronic lack of specialist MS services here
20/01/2020 Kids being taught respiratory hygiene
20/01/2020 2,000 hospital beds needed in next two years
17/01/2020 Direct Provision has damaging effect on children
17/01/2020 Sick teddy bears brought to hospital
17/01/2020 Flu activity remains high - HPSC
16/01/2020 Major heart risk within 30 days of stroke
16/01/2020 Healthy lifestyle extends disease-free life
15/01/2020 New report on prisoners with disabilities
15/01/2020 Post-traumatic stress common after miscarriage
15/01/2020 Participants needed for MS study
14/01/2020 How to change your relationship with alcohol
14/01/2020 Participants needed for medical error study
14/01/2020 Irish study warns of dark side of fitness apps
13/01/2020 Many believe there is potential to cure cancer
13/01/2020 Warning issued over herbal sleep aid products
13/01/2020 More older people becoming homeless
10/01/2020 Smoking linked to poor mental health
10/01/2020 Worst week for hospital overcrowding ever recorded
10/01/2020 Increase in work-related deaths last year
09/01/2020 Ireland's population now over 4.9 million
09/01/2020 Obese people often viewed as lazy
09/01/2020 Fewer school-aged children smoking
08/01/2020 Trinity team in tuberculosis breakthrough
08/01/2020 Cooking TV shows influence kids' food choices
08/01/2020 Latest QUIT smoking campaign launched
07/01/2020 Many suffer skin problems in winter
07/01/2020 New study to look at 'everyday pain' in kids
07/01/2020 HSE apologises for ED overcrowding
06/01/2020 Concerns over free GP care for under-13s
06/01/2020 Worst day on record for trolley overcrowding
06/01/2020 Surgeries cancelled at Cork hospitals
02/01/2020 2019 worst year for hospital overcrowding