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23/10/2017 New children's hospital name revealed
23/10/2017 New campaign to raise awareness of EB
23/10/2017 Dangers of novelty contact lenses highlighted
20/10/2017 Strategy on cyber safety for kids needed
20/10/2017 New cystic fibrosis awareness campaign launched
19/10/2017 No rape crisis statistics available for 2016
19/10/2017 1 in 5 children anxious about secondary school
18/10/2017 Asthma linked to higher pre-eclampsia risk
18/10/2017 Oral health programme needed for children
17/10/2017 Everyone should be familiar with CPR
17/10/2017 Normal services to resume in coming days
16/10/2017 Irregular heartbeat develops earlier in men
16/10/2017 Major disruption to health services today
13/10/2017 Food alerts reach 10-year high
13/10/2017 Sugar tax should be spent on dental health
12/10/2017 Long waiting lists for genetic eye services
11/10/2017 Cancer patients may return to work too early
11/10/2017 Huge jump in obesity among kids and teens
10/10/2017 Brain blood vessels key to schizophrenia
10/10/2017 Health budget almost 15.3B in 2018
10/10/2017 National obesity treatment programme needed
09/10/2017 Details of dirty food businesses released
09/10/2017 Chronic capacity problems in acute hospitals
06/10/2017 Vitamin D may protect against asthma attacks
06/10/2017 Irish scientists in lung cancer breakthrough
05/10/2017 12,000+ contacts made to rape helpline in 2016
04/10/2017 Fundraising essential for diabetes services
04/10/2017 Lots of support for breastfeeding mothers
04/10/2017 8,000+ patients on trolleys in September
03/10/2017 Many at risk of pneumococcal disease
03/10/2017 Homecare services should be regulated
03/10/2017 Health workers urged to get flu vaccine
02/10/2017 New mobile heath unit for rough sleepers