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17/09/2019 Car Free Day on College Green
17/09/2019 Heart valve disease often mistaken for old age
17/09/2019 Diabetes medication delivered by drone
16/09/2019 More need to consider healthcare directives
16/09/2019 Managing eczema can be costly
16/09/2019 Call for blood pressure screening in pharmacies
13/09/2019 2,200+ homeless children in primary schools
13/09/2019 People urged to know signs of sepsis
12/09/2019 Genetic blood condition most common in Ireland
12/09/2019 Daffodil Centres celebrate 10th anniversary
12/09/2019 Overweight/obesity has fallen among children
11/09/2019 Lots of health info at Ploughing Championships
11/09/2019 Eczema can cause children to miss school
11/09/2019 New alliance aims to boost vaccine uptake
10/09/2019 Vast majority of children own a smart device
10/09/2019 Barnardos helped record number of people in 2018
09/09/2019 Transition from school to college can be daunting
09/09/2019 Demand for palliative care expected to jump
09/09/2019 Pregnant women get conflicting alcohol advice
06/09/2019 New model of care for urological conditions
06/09/2019 Over 100,000 children in consistent poverty
06/09/2019 UK will target Irish nurses after Brexit - INMO
05/09/2019 New online symptom checker for AMD
05/09/2019 Short school days forced on many children
04/09/2019 Warnings on every cigarette could reduce smoking
04/09/2019 Fall in the number of deaths by suicide
04/09/2019 2018 a busy year for Confidential Recipient
03/09/2019 Lifestyle key in premature heart risk
02/09/2019 Eating nuts reduces risk of heart-related death
02/09/2019 Charity air ambulance has busy first month
02/09/2019 9,500+ patients on trolleys in August