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25/09/2020 Public dentists facing resourcing crisis
25/09/2020 TU Dublin team to develop quick COVID test
25/09/2020 Donegal moved to level 3 of COVID plan
24/09/2020 Health services face "most challenging winter"
24/09/2020 Concern over "fragile" mental health services
24/09/2020 R-number remains high in Ireland
23/09/2020 Why is flu so dangerous for pregnant women?
23/09/2020 Appeal to young adults to follow COVID advice
22/09/2020 Consent toolkit for colleges launched
22/09/2020 Big jump in volunteers for ALONE
22/09/2020 Impact of COVID on bereaved parents studied
21/09/2020 Big dementia risk for people with Down syndrome
21/09/2020 Pharmacy staff receive dementia training
21/09/2020 Many not seeking help for gut health issues
21/09/2020 COVID is "still a lethal virus" - Prof Nolan
18/09/2020 Dublin moved to level 3 of COVID plan
18/09/2020 Public health doctors delay strike decision
18/09/2020 Awareness of heart valve disease is low
18/09/2020 Most parents happy with school guidelines
17/09/2020 Hand hygiene posters delivered to schools
17/09/2020 Irish Dementia Café Network launched
17/09/2020 COVID reproductive number now 1.3-1.7
16/09/2020 COVID-19 has had "severe impact" on children
16/09/2020 Many anxious about returning to workplace
16/09/2020 Cabinet no longer restricting movements
15/09/2020 Six-month COVID-19 plan published
15/09/2020 Know the signs of gynaecological cancers
15/09/2020 Self-isolation period for COVID cases reduced
14/09/2020 People with disabilities missing family, work
14/09/2020 Many misunderstand how palliative care works
11/09/2020 Messages on GP answering machines 'too fast'
11/09/2020 Many older people struggling with loneliness
11/09/2020 "Could it be sepsis?"
10/09/2020 Assessment of Need backlog to be tackled
10/09/2020 Uptake of insulin pump therapy low in Ireland
10/09/2020 Increasing concern about COVID cases in Dublin
09/09/2020 Warning over foetal alcohol spectrum disorders
09/09/2020 Surge in children looking for COVID tests
09/09/2020 Vitamin D deficiency widespread in Dublin
08/09/2020 Concern about COVID in Dublin and Limerick
07/09/2020 52,000 waiting for eye appointments/procedures
07/09/2020 Results day for Leaving Cert 2020
04/09/2020 Lung health warning for social smokers
04/09/2020 Employees more stressed since COVID onset
04/09/2020 Online programme to help with stress
03/09/2020 Caution urged around older people
03/09/2020 Many workers struggling to cope during COVID
03/09/2020 Steroids reduce death risk in COVID patients
02/09/2020 COVID and hospital overcrowding a "toxic" mix
02/09/2020 Poor quality of life in some disability centres
02/09/2020 Expanded flu vaccination programme on the way
01/09/2020 Primary school class sent home over COVID case
01/09/2020 Mortality rates in Ireland have improved
01/09/2020 Lifting of lockdown due to "collective action"