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17/10/2019 Many do not know what overactive bladder is
17/10/2019 New report highlights abuse of vulnerable adults
16/10/2019 New online resources for mothers
16/10/2019 Government has "betrayed" patients and staff
16/10/2019 New research highlights harms of cannabis
15/10/2019 One-third of under-5s are malnourished
14/10/2019 Menopause in the workplace still a taboo
14/10/2019 Novelty contact lenses can pose serious risk
11/10/2019 Ireland criticised for poor obesity funding
11/10/2019 HIV prevention programme to begin in November
11/10/2019 Dental screening delayed until 6th class for some
10/10/2019 Workers should have "right to disconnect"
10/10/2019 No two breast cancer journeys are the same
10/10/2019 Concern over poor mental health rehab services
09/10/2019 Concern over rodent activity in food businesses
09/10/2019 Benefits of counselling highlighted
09/10/2019 People urged to get flu vaccine asap
08/10/2019 More medical cards for over 70s - Budget 2020
08/10/2019 Stroke patients not waiting as long to see doctors
08/10/2019 Reduction in sugar in energy drinks
07/10/2019 Information meeting for young people with MS
07/10/2019 Almost 130,000 blood donations collected in 2018
07/10/2019 Heartburn can affect sleep and wellbeing
04/10/2019 Certain jobs linked with increased diabetes risk
04/10/2019 One-third of older adults not getting good sleep
03/10/2019 Most gay men with HIV cannot transmit virus
03/10/2019 Consultants agree to meet Dept of Health
03/10/2019 Ireland's workforce is getting older
02/10/2019 82 on trolleys in University Hospital Limerick
02/10/2019 Obese people face much higher diabetes risk
02/10/2019 Pharmacists call for reversal of cutbacks
01/10/2019 Financial hardship a hidden issue among elderly
01/10/2019 Breastfeeding rates increasing slowly
01/10/2019 10,000+ patients on trolleys in September