Cancer Discussion Topics

The amount of women smokers2205/07/2014 05:43
'Blame culture' in lung cancer201/11/2007 12:17
'Breast cancer causes more cancers'220/08/2009 21:02
'Bureaucratic delay' in x-ray review106/11/2008 21:48
'Cancer revamp will aid survival rates' 731/05/2009 21:51
'Cancer transfer could close Tallaght Hospital'526/03/2009 22:14
'Consultants not holding up reform'230/12/2005 12:33
'Hospital unable to analyse tests'623/08/2009 21:16
'Marijuana has low cancer risk'3024/06/2006 16:43
'Misleading info on cig toxin content'626/04/2008 07:18
'Prehistoric' hospital IT slammed124/04/2006 11:29
'Resources needed for cancer centres'2103/04/2008 14:29
'Robotic centralisation of cancer care'514/11/2007 11:44
'Smoke-free works' campaign103/03/2004 03:50
'Sub-quality testing at Portlaoise'3615/05/2009 15:41
'Vaccine cutback could endanger lives'107/11/2008 09:19
'Vitamin C can protect smokers'429/11/2008 15:11
1 in 10 would not want to know about cancer222/11/2001 15:29
1 in 14 men will get prostate cancer1227/01/2009 16:56
1 in 3 men unaware of cancer symptoms308/08/2006 23:42
1 in 4 hardened smokers will get COPD520/10/2006 23:12
1 in 4 will die from cancer - report325/10/2009 21:48
1,000 cancers detected by BreastCheck1725/05/2010 23:20
100% success in cervical cancer vaccine trial629/06/2006 12:37
4,000 scripts a month for NRT109/11/2001 12:35
40% never use sunscreen - ICS723/05/2009 23:28
6 MONTHS wait for smear results in Co Meath409/03/2009 13:46
A healthy suntan?2619/05/2008 12:27
A smoke-free Ireland48731/10/2008 15:46
ASH Ireland has called for a ban on smoking in all motor vehicles. Would you support such a ban?98702/10/2009 00:21
ASH calls for litter levy on cigarettes519/07/2003 12:32
Access to smear tests618/05/2009 07:04
Acupuncture and addiction treatment219/10/2007 20:46
Adult leukaemia vaccine approved113/09/2001 21:42
Alan Carr's Easy way to stop smoking419/03/2009 20:49
Alarming rise in oral cancer rates121/08/2009 18:55
Allen Carr diagnosed with lung cancer6609/12/2006 02:23
Anger over year-long wait for cancer treatment613/08/2008 10:05
Anti-smoking drug is safe says IMB1722/10/2005 22:19
Anxious people more likely to get cancer - study716/04/2006 04:04
Are you concerned about the reliability of breast cancer testing in Ireland?627/06/2008 18:42
Are you prepared to travel some distance to get the best medical care?1430/09/2008 22:38
Armstrong calls for investment in cancer124/08/2009 20:18
Ban helping smokers to quit - poll626/04/2006 09:53
Banning smoking in the home protects infants722/08/2003 09:33
Barrington's - inappropriate care finding730/06/2009 22:33
Battling cancer...and the system3006/02/2010 12:01
Bid to remove tobacco from CPI209/04/2002 20:48
Big support for smoking ban in pubs - poll1014/01/2004 14:08

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