Men's Health Discussion Topics

'Men better slimmers than women'1017/08/2009 17:58
1 in 14 men will get prostate cancer1227/01/2009 16:56
1 in 3 men unaware of cancer symptoms308/08/2006 23:42
8 week wait for STI tests228/07/2005 11:56
A shock to the heart1816/02/2008 18:33
Abdominal pain, is it IBS?2615/02/2016 14:21
Adult drinking habits118/02/2002 11:04
Aids and haemophliacs' partners112/12/2002 09:47
Anger over year-long wait for cancer treatment613/08/2008 10:05
Anxious risk heart attacks - study501/03/2006 19:03
Are Irish workers Celtic tigers or lazy hounds?428/06/2001 13:17
At what age do men lose interest in sex?3709/04/2017 03:05
Attraction107/06/2004 22:44
Avoiding sexual diseases1105/09/2005 15:16
B12 levels low7012/07/2016 12:56
Baldness1220/08/2009 22:12
Battered men seek fund aid206/06/2001 09:00
Bed wetting in adults16826/01/2012 15:15
Bent penis223/06/2003 19:31
Binge drinking is 'the norm' in Ireland1917/01/2009 00:19
Bisexual husband?4818/02/2006 09:15
Bladder control - many suffer in silence3629/06/2009 20:16
Bowel cancer1018/11/2007 21:44
Burn injuries - information sought220/08/2009 22:34
Call for research into gay-suicide link327/03/2006 13:09
Cannabis 'impairs' sperm1227/04/2006 17:12
Caught a dose401/11/2001 20:39
Circumcision5114/12/2014 09:38
Concern on prostate cancer treatment216/02/2007 09:40
Confusion over sexual orientation2804/02/2006 03:32
Dead cells in sperm?221/01/2006 19:05
Did Yeats and de Valera have autism?1905/07/2008 17:24
Discharge in urine, infection in penis?131/07/2003 10:29
Discharge of Semen510/04/2006 23:14
Do men prefer older/younger women and does it matter?5411/08/2006 18:46
Do you believe that men are much more neglectful of their health than women?1217/12/2003 02:14
Do you think women live much longer than men because they are more interested in their own health?1315/07/2004 08:24
DoH's handling of teen sex survey criticised115/05/2002 12:12
Domestic violence study ordered126/10/2001 00:12
Drink culture1229/08/2002 18:12
Drink driving - Ireland must do more1925/01/2017 11:12
Drinking to excess3427/10/2008 15:30
Ejaculation1728/04/2008 19:13
Erectile dysfunction526/03/2015 09:06
Erectile dysfunction - what is it?5021/10/2014 10:11
Erectile dysfunction still a taboo subject for men622/03/2010 10:26
Erection Problems Clinic launched1806/12/2007 14:55
Erection problem1531/03/2008 10:10

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