Adolescent Health Discussion Topics

Need advice about sore shins and knees1502/06/2009 17:54
'Disordered eating' on the increase1015/02/2016 14:18
'Self-harm teams' in A&E415/05/2009 17:58
'TV ad shows we are couch potatoes'210/04/2006 09:22
'Teen mental problems not detected'2324/02/2009 15:45
1 in 10 Irish teens self-harm9513/11/2009 20:05
1,700 kids awaiting social work services210/08/2001 18:33
20,000 condoms to be given to students431/03/2008 20:36
40% of North Dublin kids unvaccinated915/06/2006 13:02
51% of college students take drugs211/07/2006 21:24
A look at beauty707/04/2008 06:43
ADHD in adolescent1004/06/2012 18:39
Abortion - the personal trauma66006/12/2011 13:24
About being ugly9518/08/2009 15:50
Absent Periods907/09/2009 17:01
Abuse report - a catalogue of horror10906/01/2015 13:44
Acne25704/02/2013 07:02
Activities keep teens out of trouble104/04/2006 12:26
Addicted to masturbating?713/08/2006 04:24
Addiction services - what's available?4306/10/2009 09:56
Adoption1230/03/2009 20:02
Ads influence young drinkers731/07/2006 14:28
Adult children living at home11007/05/2006 22:58
Age difference in relationships122/03/2007 18:16
Age of consent - teens consulted1019/07/2009 19:29
Alcohol ads rapped by ASAI427/06/2002 09:49
Alcohol and young people521/09/2009 23:40
Alcohol main drug of misuse in SE123/12/2006 01:24
Am I overweight?428/10/2004 21:24
Anaemia321/06/2011 12:19
Anorexia nervosa304/11/2003 21:03
Antioxidant supplements may help lungs305/12/2001 22:26
Anxious after murder of Holly & Jessica1103/09/2002 08:57
Are Irish children watching an unhealthy amount of TV?723/02/2005 17:05
Are the media and fashion industry to blame for the rise in eating disorders among young people?5313/04/2005 15:15
As regards your appearance, which one of the following most applies to you? Do you consider yourself...1311/09/2001 21:36
As students begin to prepare for their Leaving Certificate exams, in a few months, do you think students are...825/09/2001 21:33
Asthma626/10/2009 21:10
Asthma kids lose out on treatment705/08/2005 10:31
At what age did you start drinking alcohol?3525/07/2006 11:04
Attempted suicide on rise223/12/2004 15:20
Avoiding sexual diseases1105/09/2005 15:16
Back pain common in Irish teens211/02/2006 13:15
Back to School allowance423/05/2008 02:24
Ban pub drink promotions says IMO430/01/2003 20:00
Beating exam stress2328/07/2005 22:23
Better sex education badly needed611/04/2006 18:58

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