Healthy Living Discussion Topics

Alcohol advertising on the national airwaves (conflicting messages)223/10/2002 23:28
Need advice about sore shins and knees1502/06/2009 17:54
The amount of women smokers2205/07/2014 05:43
'Artificial' pancreas for diabetes?109/11/2006 22:43
'Childhood obesity must be tackled now'123/10/2013 17:23
'Consumption' of medicines505/03/2005 19:00
'Doctors denying human rights'126/08/2005 17:45
'Echinacea no good for colds'905/01/2010 15:31
'Fat tax' will be considered here505/10/2011 12:14
'Lose weight by sleeping more'425/07/2012 14:38
'Men better slimmers than women'1017/08/2009 17:58
'Misleading info on cig toxin content'626/04/2008 07:18
'No such thing as junk food'1324/07/2009 21:46
'Speed' kills brain cells study shows311/01/2003 19:49
'TV ad shows we are couch potatoes'210/04/2006 09:22
'Tougher measures needed to tackle obesity'618/01/2008 10:57
'Vitamin C doesn't prevent colds'1521/08/2009 00:58
1 in 4 target food for Lent110/03/2004 14:04
1 in 4 will die from cancer - report325/10/2009 21:48
2 in 3 students have had casual sex513/03/2007 13:00
27% of young kids overweight or obese523/12/2006 21:26
300,000 children overweight or obese1519/08/2006 01:21
4,000 scripts a month for NRT109/11/2001 12:35
50 years living with diabetes610/10/2008 00:05
51% of college students take drugs211/07/2006 21:24
A flagon a day...130/08/2006 11:12
A healthy suntan?2619/05/2008 12:27
A nation of pill poppers?914/04/2008 09:48
A smoke-free Ireland48731/10/2008 15:46
A-Z of complementary medicine325/05/2011 13:43
AIDS224/09/2004 08:16
ASH calls for litter levy on cigarettes519/07/2003 12:32
Acupuncture and addiction treatment219/10/2007 20:46
Adult drinking habits118/02/2002 11:04
Adverts 'fail' safety test306/01/2002 20:43
After recent negative news, are you happy to drink Irish tap water?5918/05/2007 14:34
After the excesses of Christmas, what will your 'healthy' New Year resolution be?2108/01/2007 19:28
Age difference in relationships.4713/06/2018 08:59
Air healthier in pubs after smoke ban423/03/2006 17:36
Alan Carr's Easy way to stop smoking419/03/2009 20:49
Alcohol and women1330/11/2009 22:27
Alcohol poll - 15 per cent admit to heavy drinking217/03/2008 18:53
Alcohol, junk food ads should be restricted516/01/2004 01:57
Allen Carr diagnosed with lung cancer6609/12/2006 02:23
Allergy care criticised506/11/2005 16:54
Alli - for weight loss324/08/2009 18:53
Anti-smoking drug is safe says IMB1722/10/2005 22:19
Anxious risk heart attacks - study501/03/2006 19:03

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