Travel Health Discussion Topics

50,000 EU health cards issued429/09/2006 14:00
Aer Lingus sets up two DVT studies205/12/2001 15:48
Afraid of flying?9219/01/2012 16:27
Air travel does cause DVT - study204/09/2005 10:52
Altitude Sickness310/10/2006 11:03
Avoid air travel if pregnant - warning406/10/2005 14:00
Avoiding holiday health risks1131/01/2007 14:48
Babies and flying215/01/2003 10:13
Bangkok vaccinations105/01/2004 10:18
Beaches pose E.coli threat claim307/06/2001 20:45
Blood Bank bans 15,000 donors over CJD risk313/09/2005 17:06
Blood clot and flying111/09/2003 10:42
Business travel & your health105/12/2001 16:01
China confirms first SARS case in months107/01/2004 09:32
Cholera case identified in Ireland105/10/2002 19:23
Concern over Ireland's 'sunbed culture'823/07/2003 10:16
Conventional medicine - what's the alternative?1519/10/2005 21:24
DVT prevention device 'may be ready soon'414/06/2006 20:40
Dangers on Irish Roads112/09/2002 14:04
Deep venous thrombosis318/06/2002 10:29
Dept confirms 'probable' case of SARS125/04/2003 17:02
Do your children wear safety helmets when cycling?2403/06/2004 09:19
Drive carefully this weekend106/08/2001 20:51
Dublin school on SARS alert120/04/2003 21:41
E111 Form226/08/2003 02:02
E112 Treatment Abroad Scheme501/04/2005 09:15
Ear infections on holiday113/11/2003 09:57
Expert Group meets on SARS after WHO attack328/05/2003 16:52
Fear of Flying1403/12/2007 11:51
First aid travel kit for children515/05/2007 13:56
Getting medical care abroad317/07/2003 00:26
Holiday health horror1929/02/2008 13:54
Holiday sex risk warning328/07/2004 10:32
How many penalty points should people who allow kids unrestrained in their cars get?4001/03/2005 23:24
Immigration poll results222/02/2004 23:48
Irish aren't safe in the sun103/06/2001 15:32
Irish honeymooners advised on travel health104/07/2003 14:58
Irish slow to take up travel vaccines514/03/2009 15:16
Irish travellers still take risks abroad431/08/2007 10:18
Irish victim of airflight blood clot hospitalised125/07/2001 15:41
Irish warned about sex in Thailand107/05/2001 19:52
Is it right that some people with diabetes should be banned from driving?2911/02/2004 16:47
Jabs for traveling211/12/2002 16:14
Lemon juice reduces DVT risk223/06/2003 21:56
Malaria - a cautionary tale3622/04/2014 11:07
Malaria cases up 120 per cent223/04/2014 14:52
Mosquito bites - ease the effect224/05/2001 00:19
Mosquitos217/07/2001 16:32

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