Sexual Health Clinic Discussion Topics

Fear of Intimacy3104/02/2008 21:09
Female Menopause2618/12/2010 23:27
Few know HPV role in cervical cancer615/02/2008 20:14
Fewer women go to UK for abortion122/06/2007 14:41
Following the recent German ban, do you think it is OK to allow circumcision for non-medical (religious) reasons?1521/08/2012 13:24
Free cervical vaccine for north Dublin girls33606/04/2010 09:31
GPs and Infertility217/09/2006 15:26
Genital Warts119/09/2007 00:14
Given a choice, would you prefer to attend a female or male obstetrician?403/08/2011 21:45
HPV vaccine may protect against some breast..225/04/2010 11:51
HRT improves quality of life - study222/08/2008 19:36
HSE gives condoms to building workers123/09/2007 15:28
Half women did not enjoy first sex306/07/2007 18:30
Help for sexual dysfunction in women 114/08/2008 17:38
How much is a smear test in Ireland218/10/2007 17:32
How to tell if i had sex and lost my virginity?230/07/2012 15:40
Implanon21129/05/2016 23:53
Implanon....407/03/2011 13:51
Impotence may signal heart problems105/07/2012 15:00
In Vitro Fertilisation366729/05/2018 10:21
Irish abortion laws criticised19413/07/2010 11:10
Is legislation needed to clarify the legal position on abortion?1626/11/2012 13:41
Is the Government taking the right approach on the abortion issue?504/01/2013 00:52
Lletz treatment10914/10/2017 09:39
Lltez115/09/2008 18:46
Lump in vagina120/06/2008 12:58
Male contraceptive jab518/05/2009 09:43
Marriage Problems721/11/2009 19:51
Men know little about sex, survey finds515/07/2007 13:11
Mirena102/04/2009 21:20
Mirena Coil921/03/2009 19:12
Mirena and Hair Thinning324/10/2007 18:21
Mirena coil7316/11/2015 21:46
Mirena coil1208/08/2011 16:59
Mirena coil1119/09/2009 19:37
Missed Periods102/09/2008 12:36
Missed Pill205/08/2007 21:55
Missed pill110/05/2011 19:30
Missed pills114/09/2010 17:04
Morning After Pill111/03/2009 17:00
Never had a boyfriend...417/07/2007 16:59
New campaign targets dating abuse323/02/2011 11:59
New use for anti-impotence drug?105/07/2012 15:09
Oral Sex209/10/2013 08:00
Oral!201/10/2009 15:38
Pain after Smear123/05/2007 15:35
Paternity testing23416/11/2017 21:48
Period since coming off the pill113/07/2007 09:06
Periods - the 2013 thread120/05/2013 23:51

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