Sexual Health Clinic Discussion Topics

In Vitro Fertilisation366729/05/2018 10:21
Post-abortion counselling19628/05/2018 12:06
Do you think that abortion should be legalised in Ireland?393711/05/2018 11:57
Tinnitus205/04/2018 22:39
Paternity testing23416/11/2017 21:48
Contraceptive Pill - Microlite4726/10/2017 22:25
Lletz treatment10914/10/2017 09:39
Vaginismus or painful sexual intercourse7127/08/2016 20:16
Birth control pill nightmare!8622/08/2016 01:55
The Pill8118/08/2016 13:55
Implanon21129/05/2016 23:53
Erectile Dysfunction517/03/2016 14:09
Mirena coil7316/11/2015 21:46
Contraceptive Pill, moodiness and low sex drive6423/08/2015 18:55
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome PCOS26917/08/2015 19:09
Endometriosis10025/11/2014 10:41
Cervical Check121/01/2014 13:28
Oral Sex209/10/2013 08:00
Coping with menstrual problems20115/08/2013 16:38
Do you think suicide risk should be included in new abortion legislation?421/05/2013 16:45
Periods - the 2013 thread120/05/2013 23:51
Three Periods219/04/2013 14:16
Smear test confusion11308/01/2013 01:31
Is the Government taking the right approach on the abortion issue?504/01/2013 00:52
ED treatment over the counter421/12/2012 20:23
Is legislation needed to clarify the legal position on abortion?1626/11/2012 13:41
Women who flirt 'blamed' for rape44221/09/2012 01:45
Following the recent German ban, do you think it is OK to allow circumcision for non-medical (religious) reasons?1521/08/2012 13:24
How to tell if i had sex and lost my virginity?230/07/2012 15:40
mirena coil!!324/07/2012 02:13
Teens should get pill without parents' consent206/07/2012 17:39
New use for anti-impotence drug?105/07/2012 15:09
Impotence may signal heart problems105/07/2012 15:00
mirena coil121/06/2012 10:28
marina coil231/05/2012 18:38
Could I be pregnant?121/02/2012 17:59
Coming off the Pill-Yasmin513/12/2011 11:05
Abortion - the personal trauma66006/12/2011 13:24
smear test121/11/2011 16:06
Under 30's tubal ligation (sterilisation)201/09/2011 12:45
Teen pregnancies 'contagious within families'115/08/2011 14:53
Mirena coil1208/08/2011 16:59
Given a choice, would you prefer to attend a female or male obstetrician?403/08/2011 21:45
Missed pill110/05/2011 19:30
Implanon....407/03/2011 13:51
New campaign targets dating abuse323/02/2011 11:59
Do you agree with the morning after pill being made available in pharmacies?5618/02/2011 14:40
40,000 sex health packs to be given out417/02/2011 13:29
Sudden Bleeding with the Marina Coil.215/02/2011 13:15

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