Eczema Clinic Discussion Topics

Problem blushing and sweating75427/04/2018 21:29
Acne25704/02/2013 07:02
Psoriasis support group to be expanded6126/09/2012 19:05
Facial skin condition3412/05/2011 10:00
23 year old Nephew with bad infected eczema303/02/2011 19:06
Severe Eczema in the Ears1103/02/2011 18:49
How to treat acne6924/09/2010 18:32
Stop using water (eczema)2119/05/2010 18:22
Acne and Isotrexin723/08/2009 16:26
8 wks preg with Eczema on Stomach223/08/2009 16:15
psoriasis in children520/07/2009 12:52
Early treatment of impetigo a must622/06/2009 19:04
Gel may cure acne - claim810/03/2009 16:33
New helpline for people with eczema1602/10/2008 19:41
Eczema9701/10/2008 16:53
Facial rash or blush?2223/08/2008 11:47
Dermatologist Vs. Pediatrician6322/07/2008 11:30
Rosacea216/07/2008 10:48
Eczema rise linked to hygiene1618/06/2008 04:47
Eczema clinic launched by irishhealth.com3720/05/2008 20:39
Smoking worsens psoriasis729/04/2008 12:24
Bath 7mth baby 3 times daily?508/04/2008 20:45
Where can I get allergy testing done in Dublin?307/02/2008 23:31
Alternative treatment may not help eczema803/01/2008 09:52
Do you believe sunbeds are safe?2017/12/2007 13:58
skin conditions328/11/2007 19:20
Atopic eczema/ asthma/ allergic cojunctivitis719/11/2007 10:39
Rash on toddler512/04/2007 16:13
Ecxema or psoriasis716/02/2007 17:08
Dermotologist in Munster416/02/2007 17:03
Eczema in the ears708/02/2007 18:53
Vitiligo905/02/2007 13:36
can you recommend a dermatologist?425/01/2007 14:15
Eczema and teething2730/11/2006 11:20
Eczema clinic818/09/2006 16:56
Itchiness and skin rashes after staying in hotels...517/07/2006 23:46
Skin hospital to close this year115/07/2006 14:59
Eczema, asthma gene discovery924/06/2006 02:34
Call for total ban on sunbeds207/06/2006 20:03
Itchy Nipples514/04/2006 02:36
Make up- is it bad for your skin?1507/04/2006 16:41
Eczema open day in Dublin407/04/2006 01:04
Folliculitis Decalvans on scalp125/03/2006 12:15
Psoriasis info meetings212/11/2005 20:10
Sunbed use on the increase despite risk119/08/2005 10:10
keloid scars106/05/2005 22:15
Sun beds can cause cancer, accelerate ageing822/04/2005 20:18
Face cream for men?224/06/2004 18:26
Dry, flaking skin212/12/2003 10:27

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