Heart Disease Clinic Discussion Topics

'Fat tax' will be considered here505/10/2011 12:14
'Health cutbacks threaten heart units'207/11/2008 10:02
'Over 50s should check for heart risks'201/12/2008 10:58
'Tougher measures needed to tackle obesity'618/01/2008 10:57
10 politicians vow to lose weight105/10/2010 16:32
10-pack cigarettes banned from Thursday205/06/2007 20:45
27% of young kids overweight or obese523/12/2006 21:26
300,000 children overweight or obese1519/08/2006 01:21
50 years living with diabetes610/10/2008 00:05
Artificial heart almost ready for human trials 106/11/2008 20:20
Bariatric Surgery105/08/2009 17:38
Better stroke care will save lives, money124/09/2010 14:47
Blood pressure and salt516/07/2007 00:36
Calls for 50c price hike on cigs601/12/2010 11:35
Cholesterol13622/10/2010 20:05
Cholesterol drug has added heart benefits4012/06/2009 19:54
Cholestorel2725/06/2007 10:28
Cholestrol307/12/2011 11:51
Chronic conditions 'will jump by 40%'122/03/2010 16:32
Columcille's downgraded to 'model two'122/11/2011 16:29
Diabetes3810/05/2010 04:54
Distance to supermarket affects diet204/05/2011 09:31
Do you agree with Government plans to introduce calorie counts on restaurant menus?422/02/2012 10:42
Do you agree with plans to introduce graphic disease photos on cigarette packs?2322/09/2012 00:11
Do you think the economic downturn must inevitably mean that health services are cut back?1222/12/2008 13:13
Expert says tax junk food1116/09/2011 13:11
Fitness after Pulmonary Valve Replacement104/04/2011 13:32
Getting Bloods & Blood Pressure checked in Rome205/06/2011 17:59
Govt obesity strategy is a farce1106/05/2009 11:35
HSE slammed on diabetes care224/09/2010 14:33
HSE's alarm at kids' heart waiting list227/10/2009 11:09
Half of Ireland overweight525/08/2009 16:37
Healthy living halves death risk419/09/2008 13:09
Healthy options for HSE snack machines125/06/2014 16:58
Heart Attack324/05/2007 21:09
Heart Palpitations313/02/2009 17:30
Heart Palps!!!509/05/2008 14:36
Heart palpitations83129/05/2017 22:30
Heart palpitations revisited27619/06/2018 20:56
Heart patients can revive others207/09/2006 21:04
Heart risk for pancreas cancer survivors107/01/2010 17:03
Helping families cope with sudden cardiac death416/02/2010 13:18
High Blood pressure!! 1325/11/2009 10:02
Higher diabetes rate in men331/01/2012 13:50
How often do you eat in fast food restaurants?1528/04/2008 14:05
Hypnotherapy may ease chest pain313/05/2008 21:05
I REALY NEED HELP...316/06/2009 18:05
Insulin pumps1204/11/2009 09:57
Irish made drug reduces heart risk215/09/2010 12:24

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