Sexual Health Clinic Discussion Topics

Birth control pill nightmare!8622/08/2016 01:55
'Growing support for restricted abortion'711/03/2010 10:12
'Irish women died for lack of screening'211/06/2007 19:45
'Vaccine cutback could endanger lives'107/11/2008 09:19
2 in 3 support limited abortion in NI1522/10/2008 13:48
40,000 sex health packs to be given out417/02/2011 13:29
6 MONTHS wait for smear results in Co Meath409/03/2009 13:46
6 negative pregnancy test results, yet still no period?325/08/2009 11:37
Abortion - the personal trauma66006/12/2011 13:24
Abortion challenge in High Court2014/05/2007 10:25
Abruptio placentae1109/07/2007 09:39
Access to Family Planning Services?115/09/2006 17:00
Addicted to masturbating?713/08/2006 04:24
Age of consent - teens consulted1019/07/2009 19:29
Artificial womb created303/08/2007 11:05
Attitudes towards gay people50201/12/2009 15:40
Bleeding after sex827/12/2007 17:10
Breast cancer scare after Cork error318/05/2007 15:21
BreastCheck1322/10/2008 17:56
Caesarean rate continues to rise104/01/2011 16:19
Call for cervical cancer jab scheme520/10/2006 09:16
Cancer vaccine will cost nearly 600824/10/2006 10:28
Cervical Check121/01/2014 13:28
Cervical abnormalities -Black discharge/ cramps after biopsy for nearly 4 weeks now!!!!506/05/2009 14:54
Cervical cancer information322/05/2007 17:35
Cervical screening now by invitation101/04/2010 15:34
Cervical vaccine for girls in 2009?105/08/2008 16:45
Cialis tablets109/01/2008 09:57
Circumcision116/09/2008 21:42
Coming off the Pill-Yasmin513/12/2011 11:05
Concern on mumps complications 512/04/2010 08:30
Contraceptive Pill - Microlite4726/10/2017 22:25
Contraceptive Pill, moodiness and low sex drive6423/08/2015 18:55
Coping with menstrual problems20115/08/2013 16:38
Could I be pregnant?121/02/2012 17:59
Court cases 'strenghten rape myths'526/01/2010 11:36
Do you agree that 12-year-old girls should be vaccinated against cervical cancer?7402/11/2010 13:44
Do you agree with the morning after pill being made available in pharmacies?5618/02/2011 14:40
Do you think suicide risk should be included in new abortion legislation?421/05/2013 16:45
Do you think that abortion should be legalised in Ireland?393711/05/2018 11:57
Do you think that the morning after pill should be available over the counter in pharmacies?21123/06/2008 11:56
Doctor not guilty in first public probe812/08/2009 18:57
ED treatment over the counter421/12/2012 20:23
Emergency Contraception103/02/2009 18:16
End of open access to cervical screening304/08/2009 11:23
Endometriosis10025/11/2014 10:41
Erectile Dysfunction517/03/2016 14:09

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