Asthma Clinic Discussion Topics

'Asthma attack card' launched120/05/2007 17:35
'Surprise benefit from carbon monoxide'317/04/2008 14:29
1 in 4 hardened smokers will get COPD520/10/2006 23:12
110,000 affected by COPD421/05/2007 09:40
12% of Irish people now have asthma1922/08/2016 10:17
Air healthier in pubs after smoke ban423/03/2006 17:36
Allergy test224/08/2009 18:54
Asthma626/10/2009 21:10
Asthma and Smoking320/04/2008 01:03
Asthma and pregnancy119/10/2007 15:28
Asthma attacks kill 100 every year330/04/2005 17:29
Asthma control very poor here330/10/2006 23:20
Asthma drug compliance needed330/01/2005 17:00
Asthma gene identified say researchers210/12/2003 09:23
Asthma in children2021/03/2012 15:13
Asthma in children306/11/2008 08:18
Asthma inquiry1023/05/2007 20:46
Asthma is no laughing matter111/04/2006 16:58
Asthma kids lose out on treatment705/08/2005 10:31
Asthma may up stroke risk - study113/08/2005 19:30
Asthma on the increase here106/05/2004 20:24
Asthma or lack of fitness616/12/2008 20:12
Asthma rise linked to swimming pools424/07/2006 21:59
Asthma society gets political pledges123/05/2007 08:30
Atopic eczema/ asthma/ allergic cojunctivitis719/11/2007 10:39
Bacteria may cause asthma411/01/2004 15:13
Booklet on asthma in schools106/02/2006 12:12
Chlorine in pools may up asthma risk in kids1025/07/2009 22:27
Cigarette packs to have shocking pics623/05/2008 00:25
Collasped lung and asthma129/12/2006 12:27
Cough/asthma?812/02/2007 23:49
DVD to aid those with lung disease317/08/2007 20:19
Do you think the price of a pack of cigarettes should be increased by two euro in next month's Budget?6722/11/2009 21:55
Do you think there should be a ban on smoking in cars with children?9518/11/2010 16:29
Eczema, asthma gene discovery924/06/2006 02:34
FG pledges free asthma drugs914/06/2005 19:18
Flu warning for asthmatics114/10/2004 12:57
GAA stars on living with asthma1211/09/2006 09:33
Given new evidence of a link between asthma and chlorine in indoor swimming pools, will you stop your child going swimming in future in pools?1401/07/2008 02:42
HSE to update pharmacies list1613/08/2009 18:52
Have I given somebody Lung disease?311/06/2007 19:59
Have you ever avoided going to a GP because of the cost involved?5412/04/2006 11:58
Hay Fever304/08/2006 21:36
Hayfever–a year-round condition?601/08/2007 15:11
Inhaler use pinpoints asthma risk218/04/2003 16:00
Initiative aims for better asthma control308/06/2009 11:58
Late asthma cases more likely to persist1004/05/2005 20:56
Life assurance - what you should know12524/08/2009 03:58
Most asthmatics 'limited' by condition218/04/2003 15:55

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