Alzheimer's Clinic Discussion Topics

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Alzheimer's–the problem of stigma901/06/2007 19:46
Alzheimers and violence715/03/2006 21:49
Alzheimer’s disease423/02/2005 17:20
Aspirin may lower Alzheimer risk121/01/2004 21:22
Berries can aid memory129/08/2006 15:53
Cancer Care and night nurses.222/05/2009 16:00
Carer can't cope628/05/2009 15:33
Caring for the person with dementia918/01/2007 16:47
Coping with bereavement13326/01/2012 15:44
Depressed Father - help!!!202/08/2005 20:03
Do you believe assisted suicide for the terminally ill is ever justified?1715/06/2009 01:59
Driving and alzheimers219/05/2006 17:23
Dying in hospitals-changes needed625/05/2005 11:59
Forcing elderly into nursing home202/03/2006 13:22
HSE responds to Leas criticism422/11/2006 16:46
Health concerns of elderly often dismissed720/05/2005 23:44
Healthy old age 'not impossible'1527/02/2006 10:48
Heroin causes Alzheimer-like brain damage201/07/2005 19:15
Med diet cuts Alzheimer risk324/09/2006 15:07
Mental hospitals should be closed - expert group1422/12/2007 13:31
New Alzheimer Clinic launched207/12/2004 16:44
New Alzheimer therapy mooted126/08/2006 02:01
New dementia care centre101/11/2006 18:43
New way of predicting dementia found121/08/2008 16:46
Older face 'heat or eat' dilemma116/12/2011 11:40
Providing proper care for the elderly609/11/2005 15:40
Red wine may help Alzheimer's123/09/2006 23:04
Retiring early-no link to longer life222/10/2005 11:06
Review to follow home care revelations214/12/2010 17:40
Should the Government pay back all it owes to nursing home patients?4201/01/2009 13:34
Stories about dementia sought1006/02/2011 00:23