Healthy Living Clinic Discussion Topics

The amount of women smokers2205/07/2014 05:43
'Alcohol policies not working'3616/06/2006 11:50
'Consumption' of medicines505/03/2005 19:00
'Disordered eating' on the increase1015/02/2016 14:18
'Doctors denying human rights'126/08/2005 17:45
'Echinacea no good for colds'905/01/2010 15:31
'Fat tax' will be considered here505/10/2011 12:14
'HRT study flawed'421/04/2009 15:49
'Over 50s should check for heart risks'201/12/2008 10:58
'Tougher measures needed to tackle obesity'618/01/2008 10:57
'Vitamin C doesn't prevent colds'1521/08/2009 00:58
1 in 4 target food for Lent110/03/2004 14:04
1 in 4 will die from cancer - report325/10/2009 21:48
300,000 children overweight or obese1519/08/2006 01:21
4,000 scripts a month for NRT109/11/2001 12:35
40% of North Dublin kids unvaccinated915/06/2006 13:02
50 years living with diabetes610/10/2008 00:05
A healthy suntan?2619/05/2008 12:27
A smoke-free Ireland48731/10/2008 15:46
A-Z of complementary medicine325/05/2011 13:43
ANALYSIS: The new threat from measles1322/03/2010 13:02
ASH calls for litter levy on cigarettes519/07/2003 12:32
Addiction services - what's available?4306/10/2009 09:56
Adult drinking habits118/02/2002 11:04
Adverts 'fail' safety test306/01/2002 20:43
After the excesses of Christmas, what will your 'healthy' New Year resolution be?2108/01/2007 19:28
Alcohol and women1330/11/2009 22:27
Alcohol, junk food ads should be restricted516/01/2004 01:57
Are Irish children watching an unhealthy amount of TV?723/02/2005 17:05
Are parents irresponsible when it comes to ensuring their children have a healthy diet?2624/12/2004 00:10
Are the media and fashion industry to blame for the rise in eating disorders among young people?5313/04/2005 15:15
Arthritis gene discovery1130/03/2006 09:19
Artificial heart almost ready for human trials 106/11/2008 20:20
Aspartame usage as a sweetener in foods & drinks712/10/2005 10:16
Avoiding sexual diseases1105/09/2005 15:16
Back pain124/07/2009 17:18
Ban helping smokers to quit - poll626/04/2006 09:53
Ban pub drink promotions says IMO430/01/2003 20:00
Bariatric Surgery105/08/2009 17:38
Beer ads subject of complaints306/05/2003 13:01
Benefit of water intake questioned629/03/2006 02:05
Best years of life are 20s and 30s - poll603/04/2006 17:39
Best's wife deeply upset at his return to drinking430/10/2005 00:01
Big support for total smoking ban in pubs - poll1831/07/2003 11:37
Binge drinkers targeted by campaign222/11/2002 15:34
Binge drinking is 'the norm' in Ireland1917/01/2009 00:19
Blood Bank bans 15,000 donors over CJD risk313/09/2005 17:06
Blood pressure and salt516/07/2007 00:36
Bodybuilding is addictive728/10/2008 16:39

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