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Anonymous  ·  16 Jul 2008
Roaccutane can cause a lot of long-term skin damage! It
makes your skin much more photosensitive and prone to scarring. It also greatly reduces your skin's natural healing abiltiy. Only as a very Last resort should you ever go on Roaccutane! Check out the website. It's fantastic for rosacea. It has a list of salons in different countries also. The Free Spirit Salons in Dublin also do the Danne treatments.

Hope this helps.

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Jill (LMH60035)  ·  21 Mar 2007
I first started suffering from Rosacea about 14 years ago(when I got pregnant). I went thru all the treatments, some working for a short while, others useless. I eventually went to a dermatologist in Canada and he put me on Accutane for 5 months. I have been free from the redness and pustules on my nose for 5years but in the last few months (oddly enough since I went on a detox diet for a month I have had the recurring pustules on my nose with the redness to go with it. They do not seem to want to heal. I am going to try this purple emu redness and blemish cream but if it doesn't work I will be heading bck to the doctor for gthe accutane. Unfortunately you have to go thru a series of tests and you have to have your blood tested every month as it may effect your liver. It is well worth it thought as I was able to not wear any makeup at all during the day.

Hope this helps someone.

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