Abruptio placentae

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Anonymous  ·  09 Jul 2007
Hi All,
we lost our beautiful daughter on the 29th of January this year i was 22 weeks gestation, when the post mortem came back we were told it was placentel abruption no other answers it was just one of those things.....we are trying again but i went and had acupuncture to help my body, it's just the most devastating thing that could happen you. Last Monday i was at my Daughters grave and there was a couple at their baby's grave the first born they were telling me what happend them it sounded the same but they now have another little girl so that gave me hope, i know i will never forget my first but she gave me the strength to carry on.
I always remember at my daughters funeral i was told your baby only knew love and that's very true.
I wish all of you lots of Love and Luck.

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lisa  ·  11 Oct 2006
i had a stillborn son in 1992.i waited14 years to try again.john was born in april of this year also stillborn.i have no answers as to why this could happen again

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Anne (ristina)  ·  26 Jun 2003
Hi Joanne

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, But i have found over the last couple of weeks I could not email you as I kept getting a return saying it was not a valid email address .

My abruction took place over eight years ago.
On my final visit to out paticance My hemoglobin and iron levels were very low. Which would explain why I had such a serious bleed. needing a tranfusion of 12 pInts of blood in a 8 Hour period while the abruction was taking place. On my next visit to my Gp I will discuss the animena of which you spoke about,

There could very possibly be links between low blood counts and anemina.

Please feel free to email me at any time
Thanking you for your information and wishing a postive and happy life ,


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Anne (ristina)  ·  26 Jun 2003
Ifelt as if i was the only person this had happened to even though it is now 8 years.

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carol (carpow)  ·  25 Jun 2003
i had an abruption 20yrs ago on my first son john. Like the rest of you I never found out what caused it and still wonder to this day was it something i had done? I was 37wks at the time and so looking forward to my baby being born. I went on to have 2 heavenly sons now aged 19 and 14. But I will never forget my firstborn, john. I find that a lot of women that have stillbirths are unaware that they may have had an abruption and maybe that is why you never hear the term being used. I had to have my 2 boys by ceasarian to be on the safe side. I'm grateful that I have them and just to let you know you will be ok. think positive, pray to the baby you lost and everything will be fine. The very best of luck to you and your family. God bless.

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joanna (talllman)  ·  02 Jun 2003
I had an Abruption 2 years ago .we lost our baby son Seth .we were trying to have him for in or abouts five years .i was 35/4when it happened .I had two other sons before having seth and did not have much trouble in concieving them.what i had was a concealed abruption.we were told there was no explanation.i was not satisfied with that answer so i found a connection between vitiam B 12 defiency (pernicious anemia)which i have since found out i have through the internet checked with GP who verified it .i required cytimin injections which i did not recived and lost my BABY .ive since had a baby girl but i had to stay in the coombe for the last 10 weeks before giving birth to her three weeks early .i recived my injections and had a wounderful DR.Whom i am so greatful for and could not thank enough .but none of that takes away the PAIN and LOSSi feel for my BABY SON SETH. pernicious anemia is very easy to miss at the beginning and just put down to fatigue in pregnancy.i advise you to check for this with your gp.if there is a connection it could stop this happening again to other couples. i would really like to hear back from any one who has suffered the same as my husband and i and our baby.email me at joannestynes@msn.com.thank you.

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Anne (ristina)  ·  08 Jan 2002
Hi Jmjcfem,
I am going to give you my email address,so at any time i can be of help to you or some one to talk you through the tense moments that you will have many of, Other children in a family can be of great support but can never take away the worry,
Anne Email ristina@eircom.net

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jmjcfen  ·  08 Jan 2002
Hi Anne, Thanks for the confidence boost, Im just on my way today for a scan and keeping my fingers crossed. I get nervous with every twinge but with two more to look after and work I dont get to dwell on things so the chin is up and hopefully I can keep it there.

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Anne (ristina)  ·  07 Jan 2002
I wish you every luck with your pregnancy, I myself went on to have a daughter 4 years later, I had a very healthy pregnancy, However like you they decided to bring me on early, Please let me know how things are going for you, You can email me if you would like,
Chin up

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jmjcfen  ·  04 Jan 2002
I had an abruption 13 months ago and lost my Baby son at 37 weeks , like you I too nearly lost my own life. Doctors offered me no explaination as to why it had occourred and in truth I believe if there was any one thing I could pinpoint I believe it would have made the loss much easier. It was truly heartbreaking to look at my perfect little baby boy and not know why . I am now 22 weeks pregnant again and just lets say my nerves are in bits, I get panic attacks with every twinge even though I know that on the previous occassion I had no warning whatso ever.My doctor has made arrangements that I will go into the hospital sooner and that the baby will be delivered by 37 weeks . The big fear is that the same could happen again and I would be leaving my two other children without a mother. If there was something positive I could do or not do it would give me more confidence but when nothing specific can be pinpointed as to why the abrubtion occourred before is like living on a knife edge.

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Anonymous  ·  20 Jun 2001
Having had an abruptio placentae 6 years ago, I never see any information on the subject. I know it is a rare condation, and can occour at different times during pregnancy.
Having bBeen very close to death at the time, and to surive against all the odds, I would like to discuss this condition with other women who have suffered the condition or can give me information on the subject.
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