Cancer vaccine will cost nearly 600

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Anonymous  ·  24 Oct 2006
what about older women will they have a chance against this disease

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Anonymous  ·  23 Oct 2006
Hardly a scam Kitty if prevents the 4 mainstrains of HPV known to cause most cases of cervical cancer - which sadly, can and does kill.

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kitty  ·  21 Oct 2006
I am fascinated that this vaccine is already available to women. Does anyone know if this really works or does the job, whether it has been tested on humans yet, or is this just another scam to benefit the pharmaceudical companies...

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Ciara (cpoleon)  ·  20 Oct 2006
Lola, I clarly didn't read that part, I am shocked that they are only recommending it up to 26. That is surely a form of discrimination and unconstitutional

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Lola  ·  20 Oct 2006
While I agree that the vaccine should be free of charge I am shocked that they are allowed put VAT on things like this, its disgraceful. Also why is it only being recommended up to the age of 26? I'm 30 does that mean I've missed out on the chance to be protected from this terrible disease?

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Wendy (wquirke)  ·  20 Oct 2006
Surely it would be to the governments advantage to use the Vaccine, considering what treatment costs and the high insidence here in Ireland

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Anonymous  ·  20 Oct 2006
The Department of Health should decide to make the vaccine available free of charge as part of a national programme and do so rapidly!!

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Anonymous  ·  20 Oct 2006
The fact that it's not avaialble on a medical card is an absolute disgrace, Vaccines for other illnesses with have the potential to kill or make seriously ill - like 'flu and TB are available on the medical card.
Also, why so expensive. I had a series of three vaccines a couple of years back (for travel) and combined with the GP fee, the lot coast 105. The normal childhood vaccines - Rubella hib etc are free or provided at minimal cost, why is this not the same.
I don't begrudge paying for a vaccine that could save my life but I am suspicious that we are being ripped off.
OI really don't see what their is for the Dept of Health to decide.
This I imagine should be rolled into the Rubella vaccine given iun last year of Primary school.
As for "categories of women who should be vaccinated", I reckon All, should pretty much cover it.
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