23 year old Nephew with bad infected eczema

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Escocesa  ·  03 Feb 2011

I suffered for over 20 years with eczema in my ears.  When it flared it was very itchy and leaked a fluid.  I was always diagnosed Hydro Cortisone by my doctor, but after 20 years of this cycle, and the failure of my Western minded Doctor, I turned to Chinese medicine and found my cure.  It only took a short time for my ears to heal, and they very rarely begin to flare up again but when they do, one application of the Chinese medicine cures it.  The medicine is called Shi Zhen Ling.


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vonnie  ·  16 Feb 2007
have you tried going to a seventh son. my daughter had psoriasis for 6 years on scalp navel and groin and we visited a seventh son in galway and after 3 visits it has completly cleared. we asked him can he cure any skin condition including exzema and yes he does. try not to be scepical as i was but i can tell you from experience my childs is gone and we were told there was no cure. for details contact sjberg@eircom.net

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Anonymous  ·  18 Oct 2006
My 23 year old Nephew has very bad eczema and he is very stressed with it at the moment. He was hospitalized with it this year. He will not discuss his condition with any one. He gets irritated if you mention it. I was very interested in what Julie-Ann and Lorna had to say regarding water. Is it annoying for eczema sufferers to have family members recommending different forms of treatment.
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