Addicted to masturbating?

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Wicked  ·  13 Aug 2006
Henry, it will fall off next if you don't be careful!

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John (johnwilliams)  ·  12 Aug 2006
Will somebody tell Henry to get a grip of himself.

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Derek  ·  11 Aug 2006
They say masturbation will not harm you if a) you're not using it as a substitute for exercise and b) you don't do it till you are exhausted. The question I have for the two guys is "who recently did you notice the increase in sex drive?"

As a guy myself and having a pretty strong sex-drive I notice that at certain times of the year I feel more easily aroused. Usually it would be spring for some reason, but this summer I find myself in the same boat as Henry, not that I'm usually too reserved.

I could just be the long run of hot weather that's causing the male hormonal balace to go balistic. Henry, your wife could be right that it's perfectly natural and it's good to see that she supports you. I find it myself as being natural due to the weather and I'm not unduly concerned whether I masturbate once, twice or three times daily or if I have a higher than usual recovery time along with it.

Another thing is, if you are addicted to masturbation your symtoms would be greater and I think your wife would notice and tell you. Also I reckon you are turned on by the sexiness of the female form rather that the thought of masturbation itself. Therefore you're not an addict as such.

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(Jen)  ·  11 Aug 2006
Im a woman of 32 and i love 2 mastrabate.My man loves it 2 . We use it 2 spice up our sex life, theres nothing wrong with it .I think every body does it ,but there ashamed 2 say it.

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monika  ·  11 Aug 2006
jesus , it sounds a lot to me ! and my libido is pretty strong .

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Anonymous  ·  10 Aug 2006
I wouldn't worry about this too much, I'm 28 and more of less in the same situation as you, realtionship wise but not married. I wouldn't be as excess as you but wouldn't be far behind and I think I'm quite normal just don't let it take over things, then you'll have problems.

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Henry  ·  10 Aug 2006
I am slightly concerned about my sex drive. I am extremely easily aroused. Even though I have a happy sexual relationship with my wife I am masturbating on average about 3 times a day. If I take a day off work like today I will masturbate 6 times easily. My wife knows this and has no problem with it, she thinks it's normal for a guy. The slightest hint of cleavage or a pantyline on a female and I am instantly aroused and need to masturbate. I am 35 years old and my sex drive is increasing constantly. 10 minutes after sex I am ready for it again. Is this normal or do I have too much of some certain sex hormone in my body?
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