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LisaHarpur  ·  19 Jul 2009

I am about...a year too late for this, but I'm going to comment anyway.

'A child is a child until they are 18'

Fuck that!

I'm 17 and I've gone through more than most 40 year olds! And while I think that the thought of 13 year olds having sex is disgusting, it just isn't fair to put such a definite age on things. Some people my age act like children still, while some are much more mature. Each individual is different, and develops at different speeds depending on upbringing, circumstance, and the personality of the individual. If somebody called me a child, I'd be highly insulted!


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lilly  ·  05 Aug 2008
Who told you a person is a child until they are 18. a lot would argue that the age is 21. I think some people don't grow up til long after that, but I will say this when I was 16 I knew when someone was trying to take advantage of me. almost every 16 year old out there is having sex and we may all get over it just so long as they are not having children I'd say that's ok. if my daughter waited til she was 16 I'd be amazed. Now I must ask what's the problem with sex provided my child is not forced to have sex at an age that would be harmful. I don't have a problem with it isn't that why God put us here?



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Anonymous  ·  03 Aug 2008
I firmily believe that children,AND THEY ARE ONLY CHILDREN, should not be given this right. they are not fully aware of the situations that can occur or how to deal with it if they get taken adavantage of. this government should hang their heads in shame to allow the reduction of age of consent to 16. basically a child is a child until they are 18 years old and the law should uphold this notion.

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lilly  ·  03 Aug 2008
Laura maybe you didn't hear, but there are a lot of teenage pregnancies in Ireland too and if anyone thinks that just because they're supposed to wait til they're eighteen doesn't mean that they do there are thirteen year olds out there having sex and when they get pregnant they're having abortions, people mightn't like it but it's happening, and it's happening a lot and do you know it's our fault for not teaching our children and not being there for them.



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Laura (STN72817)  ·  10 Jul 2008
I'm actually in shock how many people think that it is ok for minors to decide when they are old enough to have sex. i completly agree with annie and Fi fi, laws are put in place to protect children under the age of 18, (granted the current age in ireland is 17) from paedophiles.

the Law in england is 16 for a girl and not wanting to be tarring everyone with the same brush but look at the amount of teenage pregnancies there are. it might seem cool to be allowed go home with whoever you want because its legal, but what happens in 9 months when you are screaming crying in agony for your own mother to make it all go away, not so cool now or mature is it? the soone r people realise that lowering teh age of consent is going to bring about more sexually transmited diseased and unwanted pregnancies the better

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Anonymous  ·  22 Dec 2006
Im not old fashion but isn't the law for marriage 18 years old and we are told only sex after marriage. I am a catholic and believe in sex after marriage and will wait so why lower it? My friends think its brilliant if its lowered but could it do more harm than good?

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skenn_ie  ·  14 Dec 2006
By all means, reduce the age of long as the age difference between the people involved isn't more than 2 or 3 years !.

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louise  ·  11 Oct 2006
as long as teens have proper knowledge of allrisks and methods of protection then they should be allowed. granted i believe young teens are quite frankly too young to have sex but for teens over the age of 16 i don't see the harm. If they feel they are mature enough for it and are well informed about it then it makes no difference on whether they are 16, 26 or 36. as a teen i feel i should have the choice and u'm glad i did

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annie  ·  07 Jul 2006
i cannot believe that children should have a vote on sex if they vote for it .it gives every paedophile in the land carte blance

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fifi  ·  21 Jun 2006
For fear of sounding like an old fogie.. Im far from it, I dont believe teens should have an input on the matter. Thats like asking a young child if he/she would like sweets before his/her meal. They are hardly going to decline.
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