Severe Eczema in the Ears

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Escocesa  ·  03 Feb 2011

I suffered for over 20 years with eczema in my ears.  When it flared it was very itchy and leaked a fluid.  I was always diagnosed Hydro Cortisone by my doctor, but after 20 years of this cycle, and the failure of my Western minded Doctor, I turned to Chinese medicine and found my cure.  It only took a short time for my ears to heal, and they very rarely begin to flare up again but when they do, one application of the Chinese medicine cures it.  The medicine is called Shi Zhen Ling.


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sue  ·  07 Aug 2010

you might have some luck as I did if you try milkthistle for eczema in the ears



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John Williams  ·  10 Sep 2009

It is very sad to read of the suffering some people go through because of a relatively minor condition such as eczema in the ear. Some posters have been to specialists, who have told them there is no cure. If I paid a fairly substantial fee I would expect a better outcome than that. There are plenty of treatments out there it is just a question of using the right one. Every ENT specialist knows (or should know) the different treatment options available and he/she should treat the complaint seriously. Anti-inflammatory creams (such as tacrolimus) are very effective but of course have to be used under medical supervision. My advice (for what its worth) to anyone suffering from eczema of the ear is to go back your GP or specialist and in the nicest possible way demand that something be done to alleviate the problem.


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purple  ·  09 Sep 2009


my son egts this in the winter times, its called dry skin, . i find sanex helps.


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James12345  ·  09 Sep 2009

I have eczema quite badly in both ears, the Doctor gave me hydrocortisone wich works quite well for the outer ear, but the inner ear is torture,  allways blocking up itching, and when i scratch it it sometimes weeps wich causes more blockage.  anyone know of an effective treatment for the inner ear? 


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vicki (ABZ68747)  ·  12 Feb 2008
I've sent an email to some of you, but for you all... here goes...I'm 27 and I live in the New England area, USA. I too have severe eczema in my ears. The drops don't seem to help me much and my doctor has no real answer for me either, but I asked if it was ok to use Peroxide and she said it was ok, but to be careful sticking anything hard in near my eardrum. A nurse friend of mine mentioned it to me. Maybe you should ask your doctor if it's ok first. It didn't cure mine, but it definitely made a difference in managing the pain, swelling and any infection when it flares up. What you do is take a cotton ball and dip part of it in the peroxide, lightly squeeze the excess out, stick the wet end in the ear canal and twist it in (leaving the rest sticking out) and leave it in there for around 15 minutes or until the light crackling you hear dies down. At first I wanted to itch it because it tickles a little, but when it died down it felt so much better. It cleans it, draws out the wetness, and its cool feeling to relieve the throbbing. It helps with itching too eventually. I still use my other drops now and then for the itching and hypo-allergenic lotion around the outside. Have you heard of "Arbone" products? Their lotion is great for eczema, but I don't think you should stick it in your ear canal. Hope this helps! Glad to know I'm not alone with this

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sharon (QPE63527)  ·  19 Jul 2007
I am a 25yr old female living in Australia and I have had chronic eczema in my ears for approx. 5 years and a Dr was not able to diagnose it until about 2 years ago. I was looking for an alternative to the usual cordisone (which has awful side effects if used for a long time period) and found that emu oil helps relieve itching and keeps the area moisturized for longer- it is all natural and lasts forever. My eczema is in my ears constantly, it never has a 'remission' stage, it often gets worse but it is always there- it seems as if that is not normal? Does anyone else suffer with it constantly? If not, what other medications are out there?

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Anonymous  ·  08 Oct 2006
I find rubbing a light layer of vaseline helps, particularly before washing my hair as shampoo and conditioner make matters worse.

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Crystal (KFB53151)  ·  07 Oct 2006
Hello, I was just about to post about Eczema in the ears, then I read your post. I have been looking for someone else that has this.

Sadly, I have no luck curing this.

It started out with having Eczema on my face, then I got it in my ears. I am 22, this started when I was around 17. I get chunks and chunks of dry skin in my ears, they itch so bad, and block my hearing. Sometimes I will be at work and wanting to cry because I cannot touch my ears and they itch.

I have gone to the doctor, yet they don't know of a cure, I've tried ear drops, some didn't work... some made both ears hurt so bad that I couldn't touch them. I have also tried some anti biotics and certain pills.. none have worked. =0(

If anyone knows of something that can help, please email me

Thank you for posting this!

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Kathy  ·  13 Jul 2006
My daughter has severe eczema in the ears. The Doctors has given her drops and other prescriptions for this but at this point she has found no relief.
She has severe itching and pain that wakes her during the noght with her ending up in the emercency room but no one seems to be able to help her. She has some hearing loss from this. We live in the United States. I found this site while researching some answers for her. Can anyone help. Please email me @ WPBANGELS@AOL.COM

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Anonymous  ·  30 May 2006
I want to put this on your website incase there is somebody out there like me. I suffer with severe eczema in both of my ears which leads to my two ear canals swelling and loss of hearing during this and as well during treatment. I have been attending the Eye and Ear hospital since 2003 with this problem. I go to hospital at least once a month with this problem. My own local doctor could not treat me anymore. I was referred to skin specialist and a private ear specialist who informed me that there was nothing they could do except learn to get this eczema manageable. Some treatments like drops no longer work for me. For a long time the hospital were using Kentacomb on my eczema but now it appears that this steroid has infact made my eczema worse. Ear drops no longer work for me either. At the moment I am on a course of betanovate and attend hospital once to two times a week for treatment since I am in the middle of a bad attack at the moment. During this current outbreak I am seeing a different ear specialist who is referring me to skin specialist again. Have to say that every day I get with hearing is a blessing. I wanted to write this email because it seems that ezcema in the ears is rare. It got to a stage where my local doctor could no longer treat me. Ear specialist has told me that the condition will hopefully be made more manageable but there is no respite from this. I am lucky that with the constant cleaning of my ears, that my ear drum has not been damaged. I have since discovered that I may have eczema on other parts but hopefully will learn how to manage it all. I wrote this email for anybody who is experiencing eczema in the ears and to say there is hope.....
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