Itchiness and skin rashes after staying in hotels...

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Anonymous  ·  17 Jul 2006
After a 2 week stay in a holiday apartment I had a large amount of bites and allergic reaction to something also. I finally figured out that it was bed bugs which had caused the itch. After 4 years i still have scars from the bites. You will not notice the bites until about a week after being bitten so you will probably be home by the time you ralise you have been a meal!

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Anonymous  ·  01 Jun 2006
On a weekend away recently I had the same problem. At home I found certain types of washing powder affected the itchiness I now only use non- bio. I think that it has something to do with the washing detergent that they use.

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karen (kazzap)  ·  03 Mar 2006
i stayed in a hotel a few yrs ago in killarney and i also got that rash/itch. eventually had to go to the doc and he diagnosed scabies! he reckoned i got it from the sheets in the hotel.

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Anonymous  ·  02 Mar 2006
My husband stays away at least once, if not twice a week. (Upmarket hotels) He complains about the itching on his legs aswell, but no rashes. I would also like to know what it is!!!

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PAB  ·  02 Mar 2006
I travel on business trips and when I stay in hotels (fairly upmarket hotels!) I find that after a few days I get a lot of itchiness on legs - below knees mostly on my calves and shins. Is this from soap they provide or is it perhaps because they use bleach (or something like that) when they wash towels and sheets or is it something to do with the way the air is so dry... Wondering if anyone else ever noticed this.

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