Contraceptive Pill, moodiness and low sex drive

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lillymc  ·  23 Aug 2015

Hi everyone I've just recently started on microlite as in still not finished the first pack and I missed a day two days ago and now I've got break through bleeding should I stop taking the pill and let my period come or does anyone have any advice please and thank you:)


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buzz  ·  21 Jan 2011

Sorry to bump up an old thread but this was the most relevant search result. Started taking yasminelle just under two months ago and it has been fnatastic. I used to rely on difene and codeine/hyoscine (feminax has the two) but last month I had my first "period" on the pill and I didn't need anything. It was great. Thing is, I feel quite bloated all the time and even though over the past 3 weeks I have been trying to lose weight, nothing is happening. Usually the weight falls off me once I put my mind to it but this time its up a little, down a little etc etc. Could this be related to the pill?


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KaKa88  ·  20 Dec 2009

hi, im on dianette the last few years (approx 2yrs) to regulate my periods, but it has made my hormones go mad! my moods are all over the place. im happy one minute and crying the next. and my sex drive has totally disappeared. just wondering would this be from the pill or does any one have an idea wat it may be from?

thanks! ;)


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Anonymous  ·  11 Dec 2009

There is very very wide range among both the pill the mini-pill - including the newer mini-pill which allows a bigger time-frame to take it  - to suit the vast majority of women with regard to the pill alone so don't be afraid to try a different number of brands until you find the one which suits you. But for thoise whom it doesn't suit, the implant is a good option and the mirena is excellent a as a longer-term contraceptive. Charting and tempiing is fine for women who have very regular cycles, are extremely rarely if ever sick - as this affects temperature and never do shift work - which isn't everyone, PROVIDED they don't hugely mind becoming pregnant and of course that they or their partners don't mind using condoms during the time their is any risk of fertility but outside of those groups, the risk is just far too high for most women. It is a very useful method for trying to get pregnant, tho - especialy if a couple are trying to concieve right away or if there are any problems concieving.


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health4all  ·  10 Dec 2009

I was on Dianette for about 2yrs (this is going back a good few years now). It really affected my mood and I could get frustrated so easily. My skin improved a bit but I began to realise it just didn't suit me and there were more benefits to my health and well-being if I gave it up. I gradually began to feel better and within a few years discovered charting and temping etc., which told me lots about my monthly cycle. I used Toni Weschlers book Taking charge of your fertility for both birth control and later on, pregnancy achievement. It suited my needs perfectly and I got used to taking my temps 1st thing in the morning. Not so easy now with DD waking before I do in the morning but I still manage alright. I definitley think some people are more suceptible to the effects of hormones than others, with a big impact on their emotional health. I know it's not for me no matter which one I would try so I'll be sticking to FAM.


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loopy lu  ·  06 Dec 2009


At the moment i have began taking the 'new' pill known as Yaz its in the same family as Yasmin but at a lower dose. i am just wondering has anyone been long on this pill?if so...has their moods been affected or even their libido..?

i was previously on a pill called Dianette for skin and menstrual reasons. i was on this pill for 3 and a half years, and since i had gone off it i found my mood and libido began to slowly improve and if anything i feel back to 'normal'...though, it took me a year and half to become some what normal again. im nervous starting on this pill as im afraid i will completely lose interest in men and become more in on myself, i dont want to go back to that old me.

if anyone has any particular pill that they are currently on and have no probs with let me knowSmile


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Ariel  ·  18 Sep 2009


I feel a bit better after reading some of the comments, i thought it was just me who was feeling like this! Im making appointment asap with doc to come off pill Cilest!! It has made my sex drive disappear!!Im so moody all the time, and tired!!

I want to enjoy sex again! Not have it be a chore!!


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Anonymous  ·  11 Aug 2009

Hi Denny, hope things do improve for you. Do make sure you are using other protection tho unloess you're trying for a baby as some women can be extre fertile when they come off the pill. I am surprised at your Dr saying that about switichigfn brandsa, I was on the same brand for years and the only time I switched was early when the first once as causing sonme minor problems for me. You could always switch back to yasmin if you found it didn't cause you anyt problems


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Denny85  ·  11 Aug 2009

Thanks everyone for posting on this site topic! My decision to come off the pill has been justified by many of your comments and I now realise that my lack of sex drive is a very common side effect. I have been on the pill for about 5 years. I was first put on Yasmin and never had any noticable side effects. My doctor then changed me to Yasminelle about a year ago, telling me it was no harm to change brand every now and again and that this new brand was proven to have even less side effects than Yasmin. I didnt really have any side effects until lately, when my sex drive completely disappeared. This has been going on now for 3 or 4 months and of course my boyf is getting frustrated at this stage. I cant muster up any enthusiam, even on holidays lately, and I feel like im only doing it to make him happy. I do enjoy it marginally when we do do it but I am never bothered to initiate it. I have decided to go off the pill for a couple of months and see how I get on and then possibly go on another brand once my libido returns. Its refreshing to see that so many people are in the same boast and that my iritability and low libido is not me going insane!! Undecided


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Erin  ·  09 Apr 2009

Thanks Anon. Everything has been normal and have taken my pill properly. Have had a little more stress than usual so maybe that's it. Will wait a while longer and go to the doc if anything changes.

Thanks for the help!


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jayd  ·  09 Apr 2009

i dont think its just tiredness because about 2 or 3 days after i stopped using my patch my sex drive start to get back to normal so i've been using condoms ever since and sex has been alot better.


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Anonymous  ·  09 Apr 2009

Hi Erin, pregnacy test rreading can not be relied upon to be accuate for people on hormonal contraceptives but what I would think about is- whether you have missed a pill or taken a pill late after the 12 hour window, or had a stromach upset or been on antibiotics or oyther meds (incliudign high dosesw of Vit C) which can cuase the pill not to be absorbed. Have you been training (as in sports) inensively - as this can result in a missed period. Have you had an illness or lost weight suddenly - s this an result in a missed peiod. As can a period of instense stress - all these things can affect the cycle.


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Erin  ·  08 Apr 2009

I've been on the pill for past 10 years. I've been taking Yasmin for the last 5 and it has been working really well for me until now. I have taken my 7 day break and have gone on to my next pack as normal 2 days ago. I still haven't had my period and pregnancy test was negative. Has anyone else come across this?


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Anonymous  ·  16 Mar 2009

Hi Jayd, do you think this could be associated with the pill you're on or is it maybe just simply tiredness?


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jayd  ·  14 Mar 2009

i've had a low sex drive since having my child 5 years ago. i'm only 24. my partner of 9 months is frustrated because he wants it all the time and i just couldn't be bothered. in saying that when we 1st met i was into making love, honey moon period i suppose but that was quick to dissappear again. i really want to feel like making love but i don't have any solution.Cry


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Star/dolp  ·  27 Feb 2009

On jasmin, first month and i'm on teh 7 day break and have no period? is this bad?


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KiiKii  ·  29 Apr 2008
hi, I've been on the contraceptive Pill for the last 3 years now and last year I started getting migraines and experiencing really bad mood swings. the headaches got so bad that for the first few days of my period i physically cant do anything. my gp is gonna put on the injection as it is only the one hormone and she thinks this will be of the moment am on dianette and my skin is so dry and low sex drive which is driving me mad, but i know this is just what happens. I ve been on microlite and I loved Ovaranette except it gave me headaces and it wasn't worth it.

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joanne  ·  28 Apr 2008
Hi. Was first on Dianette to combat skin problems and was on that for 9 months at which stage my skin got really dry and flaky and itchy. Went to another doctor who said i shouldn't have been on it for so long and put me on dianette. After being on that for over 14 months again my skin was so itchy it felt like it was crawling. I changed doctors again due to other physical problems and found her to be great. She sorted out my IBS which was fantastic. She looked at my skin and prescribed microlite. Now i was delighted. I had heard people gained weight on this and i've always been extremly thin so it was great to put on a few pounds. But after only 3 months my skin is now out in an almost rash on my arms and my libido has disappeared to nothing. Needless to say this is having devastating effects on my relationship with my boyfriend and although he's being completely supportive, i've turned into a paranoid freak!!!

I was told by my doctor that this was a low dose pill and shouldn't have too many side effects but i'm starting to get really depressed over my sex life and my skin.

What should i do?

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Anonymous  ·  15 Apr 2008
Anon,I am puzzled as to why you weren;t given the package infill. Go back to your pharmacist and get this as you have a right to this info

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Anonymous  ·  15 Apr 2008
i was on dianette for about 2 years and experienced side effects including some really bad depression and severe weight gain, it got so bad that i just stopped taking the pill and wouldn't even consider trying a different one. after a year i have just decided to try again and have been put on microlite by my doctor. but i haven't got any packaging or a leaflet or anything with my prescription. does anyone know the actual side effects i should be on the look out for? i want to make sure that i catch any early and don't let it get to the stage it let it get to with the last pill.

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Anonymous  ·  07 Dec 2007
Hi, I'm just wondering-I went to the doctor last month and she put me on mercilon, she told me to start it on the first day of my period. It started last night at about 9.30 , so I took the first pill this morning. Am I now taking it correctly or should i have taken it last night?

Also how long do I have to be taking it for it become effective?

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Anonymous  ·  19 Oct 2007
im on micro lite for the past 4 months now i think,ive had no side effects to it so far and i hope not 2,i have not changed in any way whatsoever,maybe it needs time to kick in?

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Anonymous  ·  02 Aug 2007
I switched from microlyte to microgynan and then when onto Femodene what was a complete success for me. No side ffects but not every women will need to switch.
Condoms can come off, split or break. Their effectiveness is lower than the pill and attempting to observe cervial mucus has an even lower effectiveness rate and is hit and miss at best. The more irregular your cycle and statistically the younger you are, the lower the effectiveness.
If you are concerned about hormone levels from the pill, consider switching to a mini pill or a long term contraceptive which has very low hormone levels.

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Anonymous  ·  02 Aug 2007
One more link on pill and side effects:

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Anonymous  ·  02 Aug 2007
I had depression problems, low sex drive, migraines, longer periods with microgynon and dianette. Switching for other pill did not make any difference apart from spotting with microgynon. All this came after a period of time and it took me a long time to relate my problems to the pill. It starts with a migraine and finishes with depression.

I agree heavy bleeding or dreadful period pain should be investigated. But i would recommend to think twice before starting hormone treatment bc of side effects.

Condoms have no side effects and we don't forget them. Some women like using ladycomp, others observe cervical fluids to know when they are fertile or not (it takes a few cycles to observe so condoms are useful). Some use a bit of everything.

So there are solutions for women who don't want to take hormones. Many women around me are not on the pill and none of us are pregnant. It is a health choice, a lifestyle choice, has to do with the way we view our bodies. A stable partner who understands these choices is definitely important. My partner totally understood the situation and is more than glad to see me back to normal.

For further readings

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Anonymous  ·  01 Aug 2007
Maria, it may be just that the brand of pill did not suit you and you needed to change. This happened to me and I swiched after 8 months on it.
If you have period pain, this is a medical problem and needs to be investigated.
But do protect yourself from pregnancy now that you are off the pill.

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Anonymous  ·  25 Jul 2007
I was on microlite from October 2006 and am off it one month now...have just got my periods today, thank God. I went off Microlite because it totally lowered my sex drive and I had no interest anymore...I couldn't understand it at all and it frustrated me. From reading other peoples experiences on microlite on this site, I found out that it wasn't me, it was the hormone I was putting into my body which was upsetting me. I will gladly take any period pain, pms etc. to get back to normal and be myself again. I don't think I'll ever go on a pill again. Since I came off the pill, I've been really angry and tearful at times but hopefully this is just my body getting back to normal and I will be fine after a while.

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Anonymous  ·  17 Jul 2007
Never caused a problem with me. I can say that you do see warning on pill packet inserts re: clots and links to certain forms of cancer but it can also protect against ovarian cancer.
Of course no one takes the pill unless they have to and there are other relaible methods of contracpetion but everythign has a side effect.
Not as big an effect as an unplanned pregnancy of course.

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Maria (OPX63476)  ·  17 Jul 2007
I have been off the pill for 10 months now and I am definitely sure the pill made me feel so depressed for such a long time.

It took me years to understand it and this is a shame.

Life without is so different and so much better. Good mood, no migraine, no night sweat, light and short periods.

Never had depressive days since the day I stopped.

I have the feeling I cheated my body for years, although this body gave me so many signs that it was not good for it.

There is something subversive about bc pills. Because it is difficult to relate depression to the pill. I have always found other excuses... weather, jobs, etc... since I stopped I know these were only excuses. I was also ashamed of my depression and always tried to hide it from relatives and friends.

Maybe we should all tell doctors that we are having depression because of the pill... as they don't tell us it is a problem. But in our crazy countries, if you go to a gp for depression problems, you will probably leave with a prescription for anti-depressant drugs.

My advice for other women is: DO NOT TAKE THE PILL UNLESS YOU REALLY HAVE TO.

Pill makes you feel different but you don't know it until you stop. I can say now I am back to myself.

If your partner loves you, you will find other contraceptive methods. A loving partner prefers his girfriend happy.

Maybe one day we will see on bc pill packs, written like on ciragette packs "Pill can cause breast cancer, pill can cause depression, pill can cause stroke... "

I don't know about other women, but I have the feeling I have been cheated on.

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timer  ·  29 Jun 2007
i have been on microlite for 7 years. have never had any problems with it until now. i have completely lost interest in sex. i now feel that sex is a duty just to keep my boyfriend off my back. does anyone have any advice for me please?

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Di  ·  22 Mar 2007
Has anyone ever experienced itching while using Microlite or any other pill? I've just completed my first 21 days and for the last 3-4 days my skin has just been itching constantly (arms, legs, back, stomach), i'm even woken during the night with the itching. It's driving me mad!! I haven't had thrush or anything though, touch wood.

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help  ·  02 Mar 2007
i have had two children ten months apart in age while on the pill and now i get an injection every 3 months and its great no periods or anything

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OB1  ·  19 Feb 2007
I have just stopped taking Cilest as myself and hubby have decided to try for a second child. And OH MY GOD the difference in my sex drive is totally and utterly unbelieveable! I mean it. I had completely lost all interest in sex over the past two years and really only engaged in it like a duty or chore. Now I feel like a teenager again and I can tell you my husband is walking around with a smile the size of a small country! I know the pill affects us all differently but if anyone out there is having low sex drive related probs then going off the pill should be first on your agenda.

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Anonymous  ·  07 Feb 2007
Strange Amanda, when i was on the pill my sex drive was always highest just before and during my period.
I have switched to a long term contraceptive now and it hasn't affected my sex drive at all.

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amanda (IJH57749)  ·  05 Feb 2007
I think all contraceptive pills affect your sex drive because they suppress ovulation and thats the part of your cycle when your sex drive is at its highest (because your fertile).

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\" \"  ·  28 Jan 2007
I'm on microlite now, for the last couple of months. both my doctor and the instructions say that by taking the first pill on the first day of your period, you're protected from then on immediately... also, for the person who was wondering about being irritable and down, i had that too. i've experienced random 2-3 days of being compeletely down in the dumps, feeling depressed and snapping at people for no reason. so i think it is something to do with the pill, you're not going crazy!!

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Anonymous  ·  18 Aug 2006
Yes, Mac hospitals can be very insenstive in this regard. There is agreat discussion board on this site on infertility issues. I'm not sayign of course that she will automatically be infertile but it provides som very useful dicussion and links on PCOS. Maybe she could take a look.
Dr.s can have aan awful knack of saying - don't worry about it, come back when you'e trying for a baby.
The if it does cause porblems in that regard, they ask why you didn;t have it investigatged sooner.
Ultimately very frustrating.

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Mac  ·  18 Aug 2006

Thanks for that she was told to go back to the hospital when she is starting to try for a baby and was brushed off she was very upset over this. She had scans and bloods done, is there any more investigations that you know of?

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Anonymous  ·  18 Aug 2006
Mac, I would strongly suggest that your frined have her PCOS investigaed before she starts tryign for a baby as it can have complications with regard to fertility.

Joe, if your girlfriend has mised pill she is not protected for 7 days. If it is the moni pill I understand that you loose protection untiul your period but either way she should read her pill insert and check wiht her Dr. or clinic.

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Anonymous  ·  18 Aug 2006
my girlfriend is on microlite but missed/forgot to take one she still protected??? when will it be safe??
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