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Eye floaters

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Joined: May 2011

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# 78

Posted: 14/05/2011 17:26

If anyone is thinking of having lasering done on their eyes I would beseech you not to.  I had cataracts removed in 2009 and thought I was doing great and then the left eye got cloudy and I had to have it lasered.  Two months later on Christmas Day I devoloped this big floater and have found it difficult to live with since.  It impedes my vision badly, especially when I am in a supermarket and trying to look into the distance.  Reading and TV not quite so badly but bad enough.  I was supposed to get the right one lasered and the doctor said to me "You know lasering can cause eye floaters."  I told her I wish I had been told that before I had had the left one done.  I'm finding it very difficult to live with because I feel as if I have a line running down the middle of my left eye and it moves when I move my eye and slides back again.  It's horrible.  Surely something can be done in this day and age for floaters.


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# 77

Posted: 22/03/2011 12:17

Hi Paul, GP is probably not the best person to see for eye-floaters. An opthalmologist is probably better suited for that. Most opticians will have opthalmologists on their staff and usually you can make an appointment directly.


Joined: Mar 2010

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# 76

Posted: 21/03/2011 19:25

Hi Again, I haven't been on here in a long time. I wrote before about cutting out dairy produce, and it seemed to reduce the volume of 'Floaters' in my vision. Of course that's me, and it may or may not, help others. GPs I've seen regarding this annoyance haven't been at all helpful. I was left with the thought that they don't have much of a clue on the condition, other than, eye floaters aren't dangerous, just bothersome. Wish y'all well. 


Joined: Jan 2001

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# 75

Posted: 09/11/2010 09:09

Brock, don't you think including links to laser eye clinics in India constitutes a surreptitious form of advertising?


Joined: Nov 2010

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# 74

Posted: 08/11/2010 10:49

Eyes are the most sensitive part of our body and all Eye disease are equally capable of harming the eyes, as they are very delicate


Joined: Jan 2001

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# 73

Posted: 26/07/2010 12:33

Hi Reeder, I would definitely say a visit to an optician for referral to an eye specialist would be a good idea. If the floaters are harmless the optician will be able to put your mind at rest, at least.


Joined: Mar 2010

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# 72

Posted: 24/07/2010 18:06

I haven't been on here for nearly two years. Does anyone know if a visit to an

eye specialist would be of any benefit? I've talked here before regarding diet,

but, never led to anything conclusive. As I look at my screen, floaters are

everywhere, and just as I sneezed there, even more so. Anyone know of an

any operation one might have to cure this irritating problem?.


Joined: Jan 2001

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# 71

Posted: 14/01/2010 10:40

The vast majority of floaters are meidcally harmless and nothing to worry about at all. But if they are causing concern or if they are increasing in number, frequency or intensity, see your optician for a refarrel to an opthalmologist or certain larger opticians practices may have an opthalmologist on site who can examine you and advise. They are the people who are qualified to help.


Joined: Jan 2010

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# 70

Posted: 14/01/2010 04:07

I got eye floaters at age 38. I was really scared. My doctor said there is nothing to worry and let them know if I see more of them with flashes. I was so worried that I could not sleep. I started imagining things. Finally I started reading the Bible and put my faith in lord Jesus Christ. The floaters are still there but It does not worry me anymore and I am sleeping better.


Joined: May 2003

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# 69

Posted: 14/09/2009 15:10

It sucks to have them generally.  I find them very annoying driving and reading (not at the same time, of course). I've not done any research on what causes them, being more concerned with finding ways to get rid of them (and not finding any ways, to be honest, except, in extreme cases, surgery, which I don't want to even think about).  Your comments are interesting, though.


Joined: Sep 2009

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# 68

Posted: 12/09/2009 08:56

Ok i  use to notice static in my vision but never thought it was anything major but never saw floaters. Then i strained my eyes intentionally a while back which was basically moving the eyeballs as far as possible to the sides. I also did this when i had a headache and the eyes were hurting. After that i tried to look for the static then i saw floaters which were basically like cobwebs and are very annoying. As a university student it sucks to have these. Does anyone think that this is a possible way for floaters to develop?


Joined: Dec 2008

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# 67

Posted: 15/12/2008 16:28

Hi i've just been reading all the notes you've posted on floaters. my 7 yr old has just been diagnosed with Autoimmune Uveitis and his Ophthalmologist said he had the most perfectly formed floaters she had ever seen and called a lot of people to have a look. It seems his right eye has a lot of these and yet he never complains or gives out. He winks and blinks a lot but never questions them. I'm really worried about his schooling and he seems to be missing work off the board he doesn't realise he is missing anything cause he can't see it. I would love some advise on how to make things easier for him?


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# 66

Posted: 03/11/2008 10:22

Just to ensure there is no confusion - having a diet high in dairy produce does not automatically result in having high cholesterol - however a high fat diet will adversely affect cholesterol.
I think a distinction needs to be made between the possible connection between high cholesterol and floaters or a diet high in dairy and floaters as there are plenty of low fat fairy alternatives.
I have had a diary rich diet for many years and a cholesterol level of 3.2

Joined: May 2003

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# 65

Posted: 28/10/2008 09:54

Hi Paul. I'd be interesting in hearing further, if you quit dairy produce again and notice a difference. I've been vegetarian for a long time and eat very little dairy produce, mainly the occasional piece of cheese.
In case there's any correlation with you, I tend to notice mine early in the morning or when I'm driving long-ish distances (particularly on a motorway - don't know why) and also particularly when I'm driving with sunglasses.

Joined: Oct 2008

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# 64

Posted: 26/10/2008 13:49

Hi all,

Just reading Sarah's comments on floaters and diet,

I'm convinced diet has something to do with eye

floaters. Having given up dairy- produce, I went back

to having dairy milk and butter, instead of alternates.

Now the floaters are definitely more prevalent. I'm

sure a cholesterol check would result in a high

reading. So in my instance I need to cut out all

dairy. I know this will ease my "floaters" problem,

although it won't rid me of them. Maybe this might

help someone. I'll keep in check.

Happy Health

Joined: May 2003

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# 63

Posted: 08/05/2008 17:02

I'd always had the transparent type but a few months ago noticed a 'black' one in my left eye. At first, I thought it was a small fly in the room and actually swatted it away once or twice before I realised what it was. It was really annoying at first and still is at times. I notice it especially in the mornings and when I wear my sunglasses - and it's still annoying. However, I'm reconciled to the fact that they're not going to go away and that there's nothing I can do. I've looked at things around diet, but I'm not seeing anything floaters and diet about it (no pun!)

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# 62

Posted: 02/05/2008 10:38

I also have floaters - nothing to do with dairy or cheese thankfully as I wouldn't fancy taking those away from my bones and my cholesterol is low to normal.

I see the floaters in my right eye only and usualy first thing in the morning when I wake up - they're like black threads against the white ceiling and when I "follow" them visually, they disappear out to the periphry of my vision. Most of the time I jst ignore and I thought for years that I was the only one with them! Until I discovered that my partner has them too!

When I asked my optician she told me that they were the result of eye syrgery i HAD as a child, they were like stray cells and completley harmless. Most of the time I just ignorethem but the funny thing is, reading about them has just made me more concious of mine!

Sarah, if you have had your gallbladder emoved then you will NEED to take bule salts. Your doctor shoud have recommended them to you becuase without them you will have diufficully digestiNG any fats but so mnay doctors don't.

I find the idea of cutting our suwr to improve eyesight very interesting tho.

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# 61

Posted: 29/04/2008 03:56

hey when you all see these floaters, are they colored or clear? i know many people get clear looking ones but i have about five and they have a brownish color to them, i especially notice them against a white background. i spend all day looking at a white sheet studying for an exam and now i have a headache.

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# 60

Posted: 27/10/2007 15:09

Hi, just reading Paul's message above, saying that his floaters improved after cutting out dairy, especially cheese, but he didn't think they were linked. They most likely are. My aunt went to the doctor recently with floaters on her eyes (as well as other sight deterioration, including glaucoma), and she was asked if she had high cholesterol. She didn't know, got it tested, and it turned out she had undiagnosed high cholesterol of 7.8. She's always been a slim person who ate moderately, so she never thought to get it checked. When she tackled her diet and took statins for the cholesterol, her eyesight also improved. I got floaters recently myself, about 6 months ago, and they are only getting worse - as well as the floaters, it's now as if I've got "soap on the windscreen", with the whole retina disimproving. It's depressing. I'm 34 and never gave my eyesight a second thought up to 6 months ago. But I don't feel helpless quite yet: a) I'm going to get my cholesterol tested. There's a chance that's high, as I recently had to get my gall bladder removed; b) I'm going to try to cut out sugar (except for low-glycaemic fruit sugar), because I've a horrible suspicion that I've incipient type-2 diabetes. Sugar MUST have an influence on eyesight. If eating too much sugar leads to type-2 diabetes, and diabetes can lead to blindness, then sugar must be bad for eyesight. My sister went on a diet recently, called the idiot-proof diet, which is not unlike Atkins in cutting out sugar and other bad carbohydrates, and she had an unlooked-for improvement in her eyesight. (She doesn't have floaters, but her eyesight deteriorated in the last few years and she had to wear glasses for reading, and - increasingly - for everything else aswell.) Anyway, they're the scraps of info I've gathered on eye health recently - you never know, they might be of help to somebody. Will keep an eye on this site, and let folks know if the no-sugar diet helps against floaters (providing I manage to stick to it now.)

Joined: May 2006

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# 59

Posted: 21/09/2007 11:07

Hi I've just been reading a good lot of these postings for the first time trying to figure out exactly what floaters are. I'd just came across this while checking out the laser eye surgery article. Can someone please tell me what they are ? The name suggests that they are something you see in front of your eye that MOVES AROUND ? Is that correct ? Also, what colour are they - black or not ???

Joined: May 2006

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# 58

Posted: 31/03/2007 16:23

could be a seizure of some sort rather than a floater. get it checked out!

Joined: Mar 2007

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# 57

Posted: 17/03/2007 22:37

Ok well i've been tryin to figure out what this thing i keep seeing from time to time is. I see this like small ....very small black and white like bowtie of light that tends to last for like a few seconds before it stops. And i was just wondering what that could be and if its nethin serius? I've been asking around and noone has any idea what i'm talkin about so i thought maybe you guys could help, hopefully.
paul (ZEV50026)

Joined: Jul 2006

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# 56

Posted: 29/07/2006 20:24

I've had eye floaters for as long as I can remember. Sometimes it seems more prevalent, especially in bright sunshine. I also used to suffer from flashing lights followed by severe migraine, but that ceased when I stopped eating dairy products,especially cheese. I don't think the two are related. For me,wearing sunglasses helps a lot. I wouldn't worry about floaters,it's just irritating.

Joined: May 2006

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# 55

Posted: 25/07/2006 15:59

thanks for that, david (that name is very common isnt it? :)) i've been looking for answers to these eye floaters. i agree with you there, the more you worry about them, the more noticable they become. thanks
David (eyeball)

Joined: Jun 2003

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# 54

Posted: 25/07/2006 13:31

Wow, there seems to be a lot of stressed people with floaters!
OK, this is the story- everyone has floaters, some notice them, some dont! Amazing but true.
Most floaters are just particles floating around in the jelly, inside the eye. They do NOT come form outside sources(makeup, dust etc etc).
Sometimes these particles clump together and you see a big floater & sometimes they disintegrate into smaller specks and you dont see them.
Floaters can also come from infections within the eye (you will be likely to have blurred vision along with this) or retinal detachments - both of which are more serious and thankfully, rare. The detachments in particular are what your Optometrist or Ophthalmologist will be on the lookout for if you have complained of floaters. Note: the examination must be done with dilating drops in your eyes, which wil make your vision blurred for a few hours (dont drive).
The other thing to mention is that any NEW floaters should be investigated, particularly if you are getting 'flashing lights'. Once you have had a full examination and the serious causes of floaters have been ruled out, then you may just have to live with it (unless they are enormous and risky surgery is considered). Interestingly, the more you stress-out about it, the more you tend to see them. Often people who are anxious or highly strung will notice their floaters more. Note, it is not the stress that causes them, but you just tend to notice them more!
They can take all shapes and sizes. Please note though that you should get any NEW ones checked out. They usually increase in number with increasing age.

Joined: Jul 2006

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# 53

Posted: 24/07/2006 02:34

Hello fellow floaties! I never knew so many other people suffered with this like I do. I am 29 and noticed the first floaters when I was about 23. They have been getting steadily worse, they cover my whole field of vision. Also get the flashing lights. It is so annoying when I go outside into natural light or when reading. I have been to the eye doctor several times and he said they are just floaters, no big deal. No else I know personally has this problem, nobody understands how depressing it is unless they have it. Everyday I tell my boyfriend, "I'm going blind, I'm going to be blind by the time I'm 40 if this keeps up." People just roll their eyes because they don't understand, my vision use to be perfect and now images on tv or at a certain distance away are blurry. It is very depressing and I try to ignore it most of the time, but I think about it almost constantly because there they are....ruining everything I look at. Going to make another eye appointment with a different doctor and discuss what I have read here. Glad that we are not alone in this, but I just wish there was more that could be done for us.

Joined: May 2006

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# 52

Posted: 22/06/2006 23:52

Was at the optician yesterday re eye floaters and he gave me some positive news. I have 3 very distinct floaters in my right eye. This eye does most of the work regarding vision, my left eye is very lazy. This extra work is putting strain on my right eye and this is causing the eye floaters. Also I was told if I was to make the left eye do some work, the strain, and the floaters will go away. Any ideas?

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# 51

Posted: 26/05/2006 14:03

I have been getting 'episodes' for about 5 yrs now, a few times a year. Very bright flashing light in both eyes & partial loss of vision, lasting half an hour each time. Very Very scary. Have had it checked by two different eye specialists and both have said there is nothing serious wrong, probably migraine.

Joined: Nov 2004

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# 50

Posted: 25/05/2006 22:00

I read somewhere that eye make-up can enter the vitreous fluid and appear as floaters. I would like to know if more women than men suffer from this condition.

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# 49

Posted: 25/05/2006 18:21

Floaters ARE difficult to treat with laser. It really depends on their size and position in the eye.
A couple of American doctors advertise the fact that they perform laser surgery for certain types of floaters. I don't think anyone in Ireland does it at present.
By the way..non-laser surgical removal is even more risky than laser so you'd have to be in dire straits in order to undergo that procedure.
have a look at

Joined: Jan 2006

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# 48

Posted: 25/05/2006 15:14

Well I am not alone, but instead of us all discussing our floaters, can't some expert give us the answers we need??

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# 47

Posted: 25/05/2006 12:44

Had the Lazik on both my eyes in 2001. Suffered dry eye , migraine and floaters afterwards. In 2003 after numerous visits back to the eye clinic I asked to see the eye surgeon. He diagnosed the floaters as retinal tears and referred me straight away to the Mater Private. Within a week I was back in getting lazer on my retina's. Eye's have never been the same since the original lazik. have to wear sun glasses every day of the year in order to drive. Work at a computer and find it difficult most days. eye drops don't tend to help at all. Any advice from anyone in similar circumstance?

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# 46

Posted: 17/05/2006 15:30

I have just been reading everybody's comments on their floaters and thought I would add my story.
I first noticed mine (the floaters)about 2 months ago in my right eye. Whether coincidence or not I was mistakenly diagnosed with conjuctivis in my right eye last December when I had to go to the Eye & Ear hospital. I woke one morning to find my eye swollen shut and when I manged to open it a little even my eyeball was swollen. It was horrific looking and I got quite a fright!After a three hour wait in the Eye & Ear alot of the swelling had gone down. I was told it was an infection and sent on my way with antibiotic cream.
Two weeks later I still had a sensation of something in my eye and pain around my eyesocket. I went to my doctor and he said I had a sinus infection.I have had sinus infections before and this didn't feel like one.
Another 3 weeks later (and still feeling there was something in my eye) I managed to get an appointment with an ophthalmologist who checked out my eye and confirmed I had a cyst on my upper eye lid that was likely there when I presented myself at the Eye & Ear! He lanced it but since then my eye has never returned to normal. I now have dry eye and the floaters started 2 months ago.
I went back to the ophthalmolgist when the floaters started to appear literally over the course of a week. She dilated my pupil to have a look at them. Confirmed the floaters were there and of the harmless variety and I would just get used to them! I have two (strands) to the sides which I don't notice a great deal but the main one which is a strand with about 4 or 5 little beads in it and a particulary large bead in the middle of it seems to rest directly in my line of vision. Its particularly annoying against a blank background like the sky, even the white walls in my bedroom! Its also very evident at work against the white background of a PC etc. Having said that, there are days that I don't notice it but if I think about it I see it!! I try not to play with it (as some people do) as if I look/stare at it it becomes very apparent to me. I am constantly trying to look beyond mine (very difficult sometimes!) I tell myself I can put up with it but if they were to expand or increase in number I would find it difficult to. I realise in the greater scheme of things its not like they are life threatening or even harmful (in most cases) but the very presence of them can make you feel down. If anybody is worried about their floaters I do recommend a trip to the optician as they can look at them and confirm whether they are harmless.
What I find difficult to understand is that in this day and age there is no commonly used procedure to get rid of them. I have read that 2 doctors in the US use lasar to break down the clumps but it seems its not a procedure thats the medical world in general is comfortable with. Pity really, and as another poster to this discussion said, I would pay a good deal of money to get rid of mine.

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# 45

Posted: 06/05/2006 15:41

Hi. I have had floaters for ten years and they are becoming to get annoying. I alsohave epilepsy and thought they are something to do with that. However I have never told anyone about the floaters. They are fun to play with and always thought them to be harmless. Is there any way they can be got rid off?

Joined: Jun 2005

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# 44

Posted: 28/04/2006 15:06

please help. Ive always had floaters since I was a child. Im now 33 and they have become a lot worse. They seem to be in my line of vision constantly. Ive also begun to see now and then what I would call flashes. In addition to this I have begun to rub my eyes a lot. Its as if Im trying to get that sticky stuff you normally have when you wake up from out of them. Is this a sign my eyesight is getting worse? My worst nightmare is going blind.

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# 43

Posted: 31/03/2006 04:22

Dear Nicola, I have read your posting on floaters and peripheral loss of vision. I have experienced both, presently the floaters are gone but my peripheral is less than 10 degrees which defines me as being legally blind. I also had/have sarcoidosis and Irish people are in the race of people where there is a high incidence of having this disease.
mikey resino

Joined: Mar 2006

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# 42

Posted: 22/03/2006 18:13

ive had floaters ever since i can remember.im 21 years old now and for the past year or so ive been seeing flashes of light like small dots.i see these flashes of light mostly in the dark but have also experianced "flashers" during the day.ive done some research on this condition and have learned that diabetes may be the underlying cause.but since so many people report seeing these flashes of light and have no serious health condition im begining to think that this is just something that happens to certain people and is nothin fret over.

Joined: Mar 2006

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# 41

Posted: 20/03/2006 17:09

I hate these floaters...i just recently noticed my "floater" in my left eye. It never stays in one spot and it really annoys me when im in the daylight. Do these things stay with me forever? Will they lead to blindness? THey are so annoying, ive read the other entries and seen that people have had them for a long time. I only have one and have had it for about 6 months now. I hope it doesnt last forever, and how do you get rid of them? do they just go away? Should i tell my eye doctor?

Joined: Feb 2006

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# 40

Posted: 10/03/2006 10:50

my eye disease started with floaters and flashing lights, i kept returning to the eye clinic complaining for 8 months before i was given blood tests and diagnosed with autoimmune uveitis, that means my immune system is attacking my eyes as foreign bodies,so i would advise anyone to keep having checks if they feel there is something wrong.

Joined: Feb 2006

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# 39

Posted: 08/02/2006 19:31

Hi. I've had quite many floaters in both eyes for as long as I can remember. They are very aggravating and when I squint my eyes seemed to be almost filled with extremely tiny floaters. What is that. I need help and my doctor can'r seem to give me an explanation. Help me please.
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