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Megan12345  ·  26 Oct 2017

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has experienced a brown discharge with microlite... I was on leonore for about 9 months and went to get my prescription but the pharmacist only had microlite.. he said it was the exact same pill just with a different name and I was in a rush so I took microlite... I've been on it for 3 months now as another pharmacist reassured me they were the same and gave it to me even though my prescription was for leonore. But for the last 2 weeks I have had a brown discharge, no discomfort but it's quite disgusting... a small bit of a smell too. Is it because I changed pill or do other people experience this too? 


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Eppie87  ·  16 Aug 2016

Hi guys, im just looking for advice and help... Ive been taking yasmin for the last 8years and had sex without a condom during my intake of it.. But now ive change pill to microlite now, ive been on it nearly 2 months now.. Would i be safe enough to have sex without a condom now as im taking microlite now..? If ders any1 out der with similar story would appreciate der feedback :) 


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Saint01  ·  30 Jul 2016

Hi guys I just got the pill microlite but was on my period so didn't take one . Then I had unprotected sex 2 days after my period was gone , then the morning after I took a microlite pill, would this 1 pill provent me from getting pregnant("releasing my egg") it's importnant I want to no I'm not being ridiculas by going to take a pregnancy test? Any answers will help! 


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cathcon92  ·  05 Jun 2016

Hi guys, I need some advice please. I have just started taking the pill again this month after a seven month break. In the past, I have had no side effects on the pill but this month I have had brown breakthrough bleeding almost every day so far. Also, during sex with my boyfriend two days ago, I started to bleed bright red blood. This turned brown again and petered out. I have religiously taken my pills at the same time each day and have not missed any pills. Has anyone had a similar experience? I am quite worried. 


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ashleigh22  ·  10 Mar 2016

Hi everyone 

I have recently gone on the pill 3 months ago and I used different forums to get information on the contraceptive pill,and what I should expect. I was prescribed to Microlite, I thought I was prescribed to this due to my age as I am only 17 and that's what many people my age are given at the beginning. 1 month into the pill and I had been getting headaches every single day!I normally do get the odd headache but not everyday, I found myself constantly at the medicine press taking pain killer after pain killer, not once in that month had it crossed my mind that it was the pill, 2nd month into the pill I started to have some doubts, I had been told recently what's up with you lately? Your not yourself? Etc, the headaches turned to migraines and the mood swings got so much worse that I found myself crying for no reason, although one positive thing was that my skin was clear and I didn't get pregnant😂after 2 months I couldn't take the headaches anymore or the mood swings so I switched to Minulet! And omg iv only realised after coming off microlite how horrible it was. I haven't had a migraine/headache since, my skin is still clear, iv been in such better form.also the microlite 100% brought down my immune system, luckily I am a person who is very rarely sick and the first month I had to take a week off schools because I had the flu and ended up being on anti biotics for two weeks!

So my overall experience with microlite is a very negative one, also any young girls who get the odd headache like myself stay clear from the microlite and ask for minulet as it helps with headaches/acne etc. 


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ec1981  ·  23 Dec 2015

Hi, I started using microlite three months ago and have mixed feelings about it. I have gained a lot of weight/fluid around my tummy since starting to take it - a lot more than expected considering the time of year. Along with that I've had virtually nonexistent periods on my 7 free days. Has anyone else had the same symptoms (if that's what one would call them!) using this pill? For info was previously on dianette for many years but went to a new gp who took me off it. Any info at all much appreciated! Thanks :)


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D12345  ·  06 Sep 2015

Hi DenLin,  

I've being on microlite for around 5 years. I have noticed can be a bit sad/pessimistic n usually snap out of it after a couple of days day but I think it's worse now. It's hard to know if it's me or the pill though. Thinking about giving it up too see but it will be another few months before I do. 


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DenLin23  ·  04 Sep 2015

Hi! In regards Microlite I have been on and off this pill for a long time due to painful periods.  I have never experienced actual weight gain with it but I have gotten terrible mood swings previously and even now I still feel down at the best of times! I find myself moody and irritable a lot when I'm on it as when I take the 7 day break I notice a major difference where I actually feel some way happy! I told my doctor recently as before I thought it was just teenage hormones but now I'm thinking it's the pill! My doctor said its not known for side effects but I'm wondering have other people experienced any similar effects? 


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Amy Murphy840  ·  14 Jun 2015

hi just wondering of anyone can relate , im on the microlite pill since december the last two months i avoided hanging my seven day break as i didn't want my period or bleed i got breakthrough bleeding anyway since iv skipped my 7 day break this month ive been feeling nausea n v bad migraines any advice? cheers !


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blond_dublin_hi  ·  20 Apr 2015

I've been using this pill for 6 months and I am coming off it. 

Has anyone experienced weight gain even though diet/ exercise remains the same?

I eat clean about 80% of the time and exercise 4-5 times a week and have put on nearly a stone since September. I cannot shift it at all and it's just around my belly. I look 5/6months pregnant at times. My  friend suggested it was microlite as she was on it and had the same problem.

Has anyone else come across this?


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Helen Enright987  ·  06 Feb 2015

Hi All !! 

Newbie here - Just have a quick question 

I was on Dianette for about a year for my skin as i suffer from adult acne (fml) 

But also using it as a contraception - i was at the doctor today and he put me on yasminelle .... Does anyone have reviews on this!?

Im pretty nervous about starting a new pill - as over the course of a few years i've been on 9 different pills - and the one that really agreed with me was dianette but its also the most dangerous pill - Clots/cancer.. 

Id really appreciate anyones thoughts on this !! 



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Jess199  ·  11 Jan 2015

Hey, I'm on the microlite pill and have been using it for about a year now. In the past few days I've gotten period pains with no blood  although I'm still on the pill and amnt due my period until next sudnday , I'm also bloated and an worried I could be pregnant? Am I just experiencing side effects of the pill or should I be worried that I am pregant?


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Eimz  ·  10 Dec 2014

Hey, need some help about my 7 day break. Forgot if I finished on Tuesday or Wednesday last week and I'm just wonder if I have gotten the 7 day break wrong, is it ok to have an 8 day break? What are the effects of this? Thanks


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Curlyfry19  ·  23 Nov 2014

Hi, me and my partner had sex on Friday and I am on micro lite and my period finished on Tuesday but it's not Sunday and I'm getting pains since after we had sex on Friday is this a sign of pregnancy?


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Carolann12  ·  17 Apr 2014

Hi, I am just wondering if anyone knows if Microlite is gluten free? I am onlyon it one day and I've all ready swelled in my tumy a bit :(


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Roro33  ·  24 Feb 2014

I'm on microlite a good few months and a take them in the afternoons I recently forgot to take one at the correct time and took it at around twelve in the day to tenish at night. A was fooled around with my boyfriend there was no penetrative intercourse but I'm a little worried should I be?


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laurcm  ·  18 Feb 2014

I've been on the pill for a few months now and i've already skipped two breaks consecutively (my pharmacist said that would be okay) i was mean to start a break today and was wondering if it would be okay to skip another break (i'm going on a mini break and dont want my periods while im away) Also if it is okay to skip a 3rd break consecutively there is no chemist open near by that i can get the pill from today so i would have to wait till tomorrow. So would it be okay to take two tomorrow to make up for missing it today? I'd really appreciate an answer back today/tonight so i can go straight into the next pack, thanks! :) 


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PollieJ  ·  05 Jan 2014


I've been on microlite for nearly two years now and I've never missed a day, this time iv finished my cycle and took my seven day break, but Iv forgotten about it and I should have started back on it it ok to just continue back on it today or should I wait untill next month and start over again..


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Cathy09  ·  21 Jan 2012

Hi I have been on Microlite now for almost 2 and half years. No probelms with it at all. But this week I have forgotten to take 3 days in a row of tablets. It was only 4 days into a new pack. Should I take the 3 I've forgotten to take altogether now? (Thurs - Sat) Or would that cause complications? The instruction booklet says nothing about missing more than 2 days tablets,(7 Day Rule etc). What should I do?


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cat  ·  07 Jan 2011

Hey just need a bit of advise! Been on Microlite with no trouble for about 12 years. I got sick with three days left to go on my pill (got sick sun night an pill pack finished wed.) I didnt realise when you were sick you are not meant to take a break in the pill if you cant take 7 pills after. Anyway I took the break and started back as normal. My question is do I need to use other protection or am i covered? I normally take the pill early in the morning so it was over 13 hours later when I was sick! ThanksKiss


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gordo  ·  22 Aug 2010

Hi there , i have been on microlite for just one month now and my gap week started on a wednesday and its now sunday.. and i have to start it again on wednesday next . what if i dont bleed? am i pregnant? is this normal? and i did have unprotected sex on it once. Im so worried , can somebody PLEASE HELP .


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Isabelita  ·  06 Jul 2009

like, low oestregen, since a doc told me some have more than others. This week i will be going to a GP, so hopefully i can change pills.


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Stiffy  ·  04 Jul 2009

Im not sure about that one, sorry.

Can you tell me exactly what is meant by low dosage?



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Isabelita  ·  02 Jul 2009

I just started using Microlite and i have to say that i have been feeling a bit "off" ...didnt know it was low usage, which is something im suppose to use.. is Noriday also low usage?


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Stiffy  ·  01 Jul 2009


What does it mean by Low dosage?!


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Lainey44  ·  29 Apr 2009


I'm pretty sure you have the option to not take the 7 day break from Microlite from time to time if you want - you just start the next pack the day after you finish the last one.

I did it a few times when I was on it and it was fine.



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Ash18  ·  28 Apr 2009

  I'm going on holidays on the 6th of June for a week. I have a prescription for Microlite but if I take it on the 1st day of my period I'll have my period on holidays(which i dont want!) My next period is due the 19th of May(without going on the pill) and I was just wondering is there any way I can take the pill without having my period on holiday! Also my period started today so it's too late to start during this cycle(I've a 4week cycle). Any advice would greatly be appreciated! 23-04-2009

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annon  ·  19 Mar 2009

Hi iv been on Microlite for almost a year but about every 2 months i have bleeding for about 5 or 6 days before my seven day break im just wondering wat should i do


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Lainey44  ·  11 Dec 2008

I've been on Microlite for 7 months - I piled on an extra stone in weight within 2 months and generally feel hungrier and less up for exercise still. I also have been incredibly anxious for the past 6 months and have had very bad insomnia.

I'm prone to insomnia but usually only when my life is stressful - which it has not been for this past while - I'm madly in love with the man I started seeing in April and should be having the time of my life...instead I'm restless, unable to relax, don't always enjoy sex and get depressed randomly.

Would Yasmin be a better bet for me? or any other brand of pill? I know Microlite is low dosage so I don't know where to go apart from quitting and then I'd have to worry about pregnancy all the time!

My doctor gave me no indication these side effects were possible and yet I've read countless reports online from women who suffer all sorts on various pills... I get the impression doctors know very little about women and their hormones.

If anyone has any advice on Yasmin I'd appreciate it.


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anonymous  ·  10 Dec 2008

Hi!!! Wel i was on it for the year and a half and i never used a condom, so i thought it was a great contaceptive!!!


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FoxcRoxc  ·  10 Dec 2008

Hi im new to all this. Ive been on the microlite pill for over a year now and so far ive found it great! But i was just wondering how people find it as a method of contraception? has it worked for you and do you trust it? I really dont want any babies yet as im only 17 but ive been having sex with my boyfriend for about 2 months now without using a condom and *touch wood* it has worked for me. Id just like to know people's opinion.


FoxcRoxc xxx


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Anonymous  ·  18 Nov 2008
I've been on microlite a year an a half and the whole time i've been on it i kept getn nausea and vomiting every week, i was so worried, i had no idea it was d pill, i lost loads of weight and was jus sick all the time, it was ruining my life, i went to my doctor loads of times an he kept sayn he didn no wat was rong wit me, it wasnt till 3 wks ago he took me off the pill and i feel absolutely great, i nevr stop eatin now ha an i nevr get nausea. I nevr in a million yrs taut it wud hav been the pill, i taut i was seriously ill. Im statin on the yasminelle pill nex month so i hope it goes well.

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Anonymous  ·  07 Nov 2008
I've been on Microlite for 4 years I had to start it from a young age to regulate my period, recently I gave myself a break from the contraceptive as it is advised, but I'm not sure for what reason.
Anyway to get to my point, when I came off the microlite and I noticed that straight away I was much chirpier and happy, no mood swings, crankiness, and no loosing the head at people for no reason. I decided it was time to resume taking the contraceptive after two months. almost straight away, on my second day of taking Microlite again my mood swings began. I also put on half a stone! I had no reason for feeling that way so I guess it was down to the pill. I realise that i should try a different form of contraceptive or brand of pill, but I dont want to change from what im used to. Has anyone advice on other methods?

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Anonymous  ·  02 Nov 2008
i on microlite for the last 4 months but recently forgot to take a pill.. i took it in within the 12 hours but just about. a day or 2 later i had a litttle bleeding but its 9 days later now and it hasnt stopped. my 7 day break starts tomoro, jus wondering wat i shud do?

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niamh (IER73818)  ·  05 Oct 2008
hey i was on microlite for 3 months and was so depressed on it! I'm not sure if i gained the weight from the microlite or because i stopped smoking but i gained nearly a stone and half! i also got some bad headaches and my skin got worse as well.

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blondie  ·  03 Oct 2008
I am on microlite over a month now but im still afriad ill get pregnant so my sex life is very boring because of my fear.
Can you tell me what to do to get over this fear?

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true-blonde-89  ·  18 Jun 2008

i was on microlite for 3 months and ive gained 1 stone.ive always been cautious about my weight. ive had very bad mood swings and super low sex drive and my bf thinks there is something wrong with us but there isnt. we couldnt be great and it sends me into depression and simplest things get to me which never use to happen before so im not going to start my next pack of microlite. does anyone think i should say it to my doctor or go it alone. i also suffered from very bad migraines from it, ones that even woke me up during the night. HELP

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Anonymous  ·  18 Jun 2008
Fairly stupid thing happneded today I took my micro lite pill twice in one day ! in the morning then about 6 hours later cos I forgot I had taken it....what should I do for the rest of the month ( 1 week) take it in 24 hrs time or skip a full day to put me back on track?

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melissa  ·  29 Jul 2007
I was on nora-be contraceptives and i have been having a lot of mood swings with this pill so I am about to try microlite. they both have the same combination of the same hormones and i heard good things about microlite. please comment, i also have kidney problems, not major ones though.

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Anonymous  ·  24 May 2007
im on microlite for 3 months now and get sharp random pains in my chest,arms and legs. i thought the chest pains were from smoking but i have given up since i started the pill as im not taking any risks,the pains are still coming and going it must be from microlite!
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