Ecxema or psoriasis

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vonnie  ·  16 Feb 2007
go to a seventh son. he cured my daughter who had it for 6 years recently. he can cure any skin disease.dont believe that there is no cure. i have seen it for myself. for details contact

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Anonymous  ·  19 Apr 2006
My elderly mother has had psoriasis for decades and has gone through all the prescribed creams and potions with no success. Recently she started using cream called Dermatique, and the effect has been amazing. She had huge patches of psoriasis and they are slmost all gone to just reddish patches and look much better. There is a website but I see they do various creams, the one she used is in a pot.
Incidentally she was on medication following a stroke, and the psoriasis cleared up completely, but eventually reappeared as her medications were changed, has anyone else seen this happen?

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Helen  ·  24 Mar 2006
Could you tell me more about this cream Elecon?

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Anonymous  ·  24 Feb 2006
i get eczemas quite often and i have no way of knowing what the cause of it is, however the best treatment i have found for inflamed rashes and eczemas is in ointment called Elocon.It is excellent.

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sim (YXZ24512)  ·  16 Feb 2005
hiya, i wondered if you could help me. i am not sure if i suffer from ezcema at the minute, but in the last week i have come out in red bumps and spots around my left elbow, it has now progressed to my right elbow aswell and is being itchy and flaky and has sort of joined together. i do not want to go to the doctor, but i was wonderin if there was any advice you could give me.i dont want it to get out of control. thanks

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Anonymous  ·  16 Nov 2004
i have eczema for ten years lately its getting worse and was wondering if it could spreade to my penis because when i pull back skin on penis theres a rash and sometimes a whith substance or is it penile thrush

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Anonymous  ·  13 Oct 2004
Having suffered on for some nearly 50 years with an itching skin condition, many doctors seem at a loss to be able to determine if it is excema or psoriasis. One doctor will call it one and another will call the other! Perhaps some one could explain how to tell the difference. Treatments have also varied a lot though none have been completely successful in curing the condition. I wind up with using Boots E45 creams and resort to medical advice only if the condition deteriates too much and an infection sets in. This could be once every two years or so. I notice of late the skin peeling is also occurring on the Penis. ( very annoying) does this indicate a chenge in the condition?
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