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Female GP, Intimate Male Exam

Total Messages: 12    Latest post on: 07/10/2004 09:52     Page 1 of 1   Latest Post
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# 12

Posted: 07/10/2004 09:52

I think the issue is not that women get examined by male doctors so it should be the same the other way around but what a person is comfortable with. Afterall, a women goes thru many physical exams of that nature for your first smear in your late teens, thru pregnancy related exams right up to menopause wheras men may not have to deal with that very often

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# 11

Posted: 06/10/2004 20:44

Women get examined by male doctors all the time - the well woman clinic in Dublin has many male doctors and men deliver a lot of babies also. So time to face your fear - shes probably seen it all before and will not even bat an eyelid.
gerard (AYW11977)

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# 10

Posted: 01/10/2004 09:26

I had to be examined by a female doctor for a similar problem. If you a geniune concern about a medical condition then that together with any sense of embarrasment should mean that the last thing on your mind is any thought of an errection!

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# 9

Posted: 30/09/2004 20:35

Why not invite the wife along? If someone has a genuine medical fear the worry is usually enough to negate any irrational fears.As a doctor she will expect such cases and if she were uncomfortable she'd make alternative arrangements but thats her problem not yours.
Jim (seawolf36)

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Posted: 30/09/2004 20:07

Since she is your GP and responsible for your primary health care, she will understand your embarassment and probably offer to refer you to a male. However, I have experienced this situation and found that my reaction has been quite clinical and my worries were for nought. Whatever you do, don't put off the exam! You may have a simple hernia or some other easily corrected problem that doesn't warrant anxiety and stress.

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# 7

Posted: 30/09/2004 16:13

Hi, Go to a male doctor, explain to him that you are embarrassed to go to your family female doctor

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# 6

Posted: 30/09/2004 16:08

How do you know she will examine you. She might not need to. You might only have to describe they symptoms and she will more than likely refer you to a specialist.

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# 5

Posted: 30/09/2004 15:36

Had the same problem sometime ago myself and went to a female doctor, there was no problem at all and she was very professional. If you still feel embarresed it might be a good idea to bring your wife with you to the waiting room with you.

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Posted: 30/09/2004 12:47

I'm sure your doctor is well used to situations like that and will completely understand if you are embarrrased, Altrernately, you could request to see a male GP in the same practise.

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# 3

Posted: 28/09/2004 19:00

Time to grow up sir! This woman is a trained medical doctor, and as the saying goes she has seen it all before. Pain in the scrotum could be nothing, but it really needs to be checked out. If you think this is embarrasing think how many people will be examining your scrotum if you let a problem get out of hand. I used to be a bit bashful myself once upon a time, but a three week stint in hospital and intensive care last year put paid to any of that!!
Go see your doc.

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# 2

Posted: 28/09/2004 10:53

I would assuke if she is in her 30s, she is probably well experienced with dealing with such exams. Would you be too embarrassed to ask her if there is an alternative, i.e. many male GPs have a female nurse carry out more intimate procedures such as a smear test - maybe she can offer sth similar in reverse. I would also think that due to it being such a clinical setting, the chances of an erection are minor. If you are simply too embarrassed, can you not simply attend a different doctor to your wife?

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# 1

Posted: 24/09/2004 20:31

HI. For convenience of my wife and intended family we both attend a female GP, i am 27 she is about 35, however i recently started suffering from pain in my scrotum but i am embarrassed to visit my gp not for the sake of having her examine me intimately but more in fear of what she might think of me that it being such an intimate exam would she think i was just doing it for some sort of kick, also fear of getting an erection. I hope that someone maybe even a female doctor could help me out, is it common for men to be examined by a lady as i know most women would cringe at the thought of being examined by a male.
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