Gel may cure acne - claim

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molloy16  ·  10 Mar 2009

Was watching cures for Acne and Acne scarring on BBC s "Grow your own drugs" last night.

Looked interesting and their results looked encouraging

However I have seen people get great results from non invasive treatments using Fractionalised 1540 lasers

Hope this helps


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Paul (PHH76728)  ·  18 Oct 2008
Hey, I've been using this product for 2 yrs.

Im a 28yr old male that suffered with cystic acne for years. Ive been on every acne antibiotic under the sun, with only moderate success. As with any antibiotic treatment it was only temporary relief. 2yrs ago I tried a product with active ingredient called Bacteriocin. All is I can say is god bless this treatment. It took 6-7 weeks for the treatment to start working, even though the company said 4 weeks for results.Ive been using the product for a couple of years, and it did wonders for my complexion.The product is expensive its from a skin care Lab in Canada, B.C.

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Anonymous  ·  13 Dec 2005
I want to try a test version of this. hit me up at

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Anonymous  ·  03 Oct 2005
Does anyone know what this suuposed acne curing gel is called?

I used silicol skin gel which can be ordered in the UK and delivered to your home in a week - it really helps minimise spots and clear up any existing ones.

also, for anyone contemplating using roacutane - I did so, it was the last resort for me and it worked wonders. Originally I was concerned about the possible side effects, however, I didn't suffer from any, bar the drying of lips and the occasional dry patches of skin. I suffered from acne since the age of about 13 and had tried all diferent tyes of tablets but it was only when I was 23 that I tried roaccutane. I would reccomend younger users to look into using it as it can help prevent scarring as the spots will be cleared up. I have been off the roaccutane for 3 months now and only a few spots have resurfaced - if more do then i will go back to my doctor and take another course. I too was concerned about the side effects but the confidence that roaccutane gave me was magnificent - for once it felt as though I didnt 'suffer' from this horrible condition. Look into it, it could be the cure you won't find from other tablets.

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daniel (ULI32402)  ·  04 Aug 2005
hi im also very intereste din this gel as i have suffered from acne since i was 11, and ive tried everything, so if theres a possibility of a cure, that sounds great. thanks Daniel

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Mateus (CWK22028)  ·  24 Dec 2004

Im very interested in this gel.Id sure like to give it a try if possible. If theres a chance,dont hesitate to contact me.

Thank you very much,

Mateus Coelho

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Will (IKO15176)  ·  29 Jun 2004
Hi... I would also be very interested in testing this gel as I have battled with acne for a long time now! So could you help me out with a contact also! Thanx!!

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Claire (LVZ13285)  ·  13 May 2004
Would be very interested in testing this gel for the 'rude health' column of the Sunday Business Post - could you help me out with contacting someone about that?
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