Alternative treatment may not help eczema

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scullivor  ·  03 Jan 2008
Anyone know if the fish thing is worth the money. I see its done in limerick. Anyone know if its a treatment nearer dublin???

My skin is broken and weeping and its so sore. and now im getting bumps over my other hand too, as if its spreading. I cant write, wash, or bend my fingers. Its so sore. If this fish thing actually worked for someone id do it straight away.

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Di  ·  14 Apr 2006
After more than 3 years of going through head to toe hell with me skin I decided to take the plunge and to try Ozone Therapy. The patient is placed in a steam tank and exposed to pure oxygen. There has been a marked improvement. So much so, that I have decided to invest in the technology myself because I feel it to be so important that more people are exposed to this truly remarkable avenue.

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sandra  ·  23 Mar 2006
We spent five extremely stressful years with a child who had eczema and tried several alternative treatments all to NO avail, the only peace we ever got was from special sleep suits from a company in Dublin in the end at the age of six he has largely grown out of the severe end of the disease now we can cope with the asthma.

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eve  ·  06 Nov 2005
The fish in Turkey sound interesting. Where can I get information on that ?

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therese (metin)  ·  11 Jul 2005
i beg to differ,yes it does help eczema,and its all in turkey can actually cure this skin con..they eat the bad skin from your body and there saliva has some type of healing .this is alternative medicine!

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Anonymous  ·  31 Mar 2005
Does anyone know of any successful alternative methods which can help Atopic Eczema?

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Diarmuid (Dodalaigh)  ·  07 Jan 2004
What alternative treatments have people found helpful for eczema?

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John (johnwilliams)  ·  16 Dec 2003
Is anyone surprised? It is high time that 'alternative', 'complimentary','homeopathic' etc treatments were all subject to stringent medical trials. Then the public would see what these 'quack' treatments really are.
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