Atopic eczema/ asthma/ allergic cojunctivitis

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Anonymous  ·  19 Nov 2007
i find dairy products irritate both my asthma and my eczema. when i was a baby i could never wear nappies, i can't use plasters without them irritating my skin-sometimes this is unavoidable. i drink goats milk or i find alpro soya is quite good-tastes like normal milk. i find chocolate does not irritate my skin, however, sweets like jellies or sweets with lots of sugar in them or chewy sweets irritate my skin, as does fizzy drinks like coke and lemon and lime drinks

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Candy  ·  11 May 2006
i have asthma too and only 1 year ago i got exzema but it is all gone now...i do not use any protopic cream that has been prescribed by the docter and it went away itself i got it on my hands but it is gone now..i changed my diet 98% of the time i eat very well and then i also have something tasty too as you hve to but i have noticed a big difference this is what i use fruit veg nuts seeds fish chicken meat quinoa millet flaxseeds these foods are really good for you also i use sanox deodrient and shower gel i use emovulve shampooe first and then i put dermologic shampoee over it after the 1st wash and i have been grand.hope this helps as because i had never experienced anything like it it really drove me mad the doc said to me you will never get rid of this and it is gone now the past year so there is a light at the end of the tunnel you have to believe in it and another thing too is that if you forget about it well try it will go away itself as thinking about it wont make it better it will make it worse..

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lara  ·  11 May 2006
I also have eczema and many allergies.For the eczema i try to stay natural as much as possible.I use acqueous cream to wash and at least every second night i coat my skin in parafin gel and wear iong johns and a long sleeved top over it.It seems to be working.If i do start to have an outbreak i use a bit of betnovate in the same way as the parafin gel and it usually clears up within a day or two.It really is true that the trick is moisturise,moisturise,moisturise.I hope this is of some help.

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Natural Solutions  ·  21 Jan 2006
Hi Everyone:

I make natural goat milk products for people with sensitive skin conditions mostly. People with eczema are alot of my customers. I have found over the years that eczema can be directly related to what you use on your body and hair and laundry detergents. Of course there are other considerations as well such as allergies. When I go to sales with my products I am always amazed at how many people are still using the chemical filled garbage on the store shelf to help with their eczema. Any soap on the commercial shelf will most likely aggravate eczema, one because they are actually detergents and not soap at all and second because they are extremely drying to the skin. Might as well wash your skin with laundry detergent! The same goes for the lotions etc, they are all full of chemicals and carcinogens. The shampoos and conditioners as well. And I am also amazed at how many people use a soap like Ivory and then try and fix the skin with another product. I find that using a natural super fatted soap as well as natural made lotions, creams and bath products will go along way in the treatment of eczema, I believe because the skin is continually being moisturized and not being dried out with one and then the attempt to fix it with another. Allergic reactions are less likely to occur because natural products are not chemical filled if you choose the right ones. Just because it says natural doesnt neccessarily mean it really is. Label reading on your bodycare products is a must. The other thing that can help alot is detoxifying your body continually. Drinking green tea 3 or 4 times a day or Kombucha tea will help to detoxify your body and get rid of the toxins that our bodies are loaded with from our environment and foods and products we use. I am continually researching natural ways to help eczema and other skin conditions. I would welcome any experiences from people that have had success with natural herbs etc. I want to create another eczema cream that has helpful herbal oils in it for those people that dont have allergies to things like that. My other eczema cream doesnt have herbs in it just in case of allergies. Sorry for the lengthy email.

Tracy Tappin

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Anonymous  ·  05 Apr 2005
Hi, The Asthma Society has an Advice Line managed by qualified Asthma Nurses,

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cjackson  ·  12 Oct 2003
Have you heard of the Buteyko breathing method for asthma? I have had some good reports on this. You can get more info on this from the Asthma Care Ireland website:
Tel: 1800 931 935.
As for the eczema and allergies, I have found that changing to a diet of healthy fresh food and avoiding everything processed, colourants/ additives, sweetened etc usually improves the condition somewhat.

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Josephine (JosieS)  ·  10 Oct 2003
I have eczema, asthma and allergies for 36 years. I have tried everything including emolients, steroids and lately Protopic. My son also has these conditions .I would like to hear about any new products that other suffers have tried.
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