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Bloke  ·  19 May 2010


Just wondering, sounds drastic, i know, but has anyone ever tried not using any products at all for some time to see if this helped? obviously this means washing only in water


Was forced into this for a couple of days before when travelling. Not nice results. Itchy/dry following and again next day. 

Have had same situation when travelling and doing some freshwater swimming during the day, then no shower til the following night.

Seawater not as bad though I think....


... elave is good but she says it stings so i stopped for a while -


Do you use straight after shower/wash? I try to let my skin "dry" a little first - maybe only 10mins, not too long.

As regards Parafin, I've no experience there, but I think I did try the Elave after bath oil once and pretty sure I got very rashy after it.

I think I mentioned earlier, but the following are key for me:

1. Duration in water - hence shower is better, and using directional shower head/hose so that whole body not constantly under water.

2. Water temp - too warm/hot dries out more. I also rinse cold (good luck getting a 5 year old to do that though! :) ) which I find helps a lot as I don't sweat then which means the skin doesnt get as rashy.


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Debbs  ·  17 May 2010

Just wondering, sounds drastic, i know, but has anyone ever tried not using any products at all for some time to see if this helped? obviously this means washing only in water but im thinking of doing this for a couple of weeks with my five year old, (after clearing her up with steroids first, betnovate 4 in 1 does clear her but as soon as i stop and go back to moisturisers she flares up right away) Have gone through ever cream going, sls is even in silcocks which i used to wash her in and in the emulsifying lotion that the consultant dermatologist recomended, (as well as paraffin gel which i know has no sls) but even these, im convinced, caused a flare up, her skin is so highly sensitive. doc just ignored me when i said i thought her recomendations caused flare ups.  I have, like others here, found that elave is good but she says it stings so i stopped for a while - also, does anyone know if paraffin could cause alergies - the jury is still out on this one at the mo, was thinking i might try using the elave body oil, which only has paraffin and one other ingredient, on her when i try this new regeme if her skin is extremely dry after bath - any ideas, suggestions very welcome, thanks. p.s julie, if you see this, what did your doc say when you suggested bathing in bottled water?   


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purple  ·  23 Feb 2010


my son has same condition, i found that sanex is great for him and also i use fairy non bio in his washing and also use pure confort in his wash,


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buzz  ·  22 Feb 2010

I know someone who used phototherapy, so possibly sunbeds would besuccessful. Although its probably safer to have phototherapy under supervision. This person also improves in a warm, sunny climate.


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Bloke  ·  22 Feb 2010

Nope, sorry.


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aidan350  ·  22 Feb 2010

thanks for that, have you tried acupuncture?


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Bloke  ·  20 Feb 2010

Not used sunbeds no. But I would like to comment on the rest of the thread.

I'm 27, male, have eczema since birth, along with other alergies.

In relation to not showering, I think the issue is more in relation to the products and method used.

What works for me is:

1. Use Elave Shower Gel (I also use their Moisturiser - I'm using their stuff for maybe 13-14years now and I can honestly say that no other cream comes near them - not greasy, quickly absorbed, extremely gentle - I cant even tolerate E45!)

2. I wet myself first (sounds bad.... :) ) i.e. warm (NOT hot-this is important) all over first, then I TURN OFF the shower while I "lather"/wash with the elave, then I turn it back on to rinse - and I turn it off immediately after I'm rinsed. If I'm somewhere with a removable shower head I take it in my hand and only direct it as needed to rinse - minimising the amount of time that my skin is exposed to water.

3. I rinse with cold water - which helps as the cold water soothes somewhat and also the pores to close up which helps stops me sweating after the shower . I shower generally only once a day but I do shower pretty much every day as I am either swimming/in the gym or doing some form of exercise.


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aidan350  ·  19 Feb 2010

Has anyone (adult) any experience of sunbed for treatment of eczema, I am in my thirties, and have tried everything!


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Anonymous  ·  14 Mar 2007
Hi Denise, It could be ingredients in the products you are using that are causing the irritation. A lot of products contain lanolin, colouring, perfume and SLS all of which are known triggers for dry sensitive skin. Check out the labels of the products you use. I did this and now only use elave and my itchy skin has vanished.

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Juls  ·  01 Mar 2007
Cetaphil: You can buy this in Chemist, it is usually on shelf with Polytar Shampoo etc., it costs about 14. You can use it as soap if you shower etc but I just rub it on my face and neck dry and rub it off with a cotton cloth. Aswell as cleaning my skin it leaves a thin film that protects my skin for the day! I have tried everything known to man and I still dont have any answers but I know that Natropath really helped me and also steering clear of situations, either emotional or physical that I felt would bring up my skin. I seem to be going throught great spell at the minute, people even commenting on how smooth my skin is but as you can see from my previous posts I can look like I have 3rd degree burns sometimes!! Stick with it and get Cetaphil to clean your skin. If you know anyone visiting USA they sell larger tubs for much cheaper over there. best of luck .......

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LK  ·  01 Mar 2007
Hi Denise

I tried that range, didn\'t find it very effective but as they say different strokes for different folks, what may not work for me might do the try for you. Like yourself I suffer with it on my neck and face got a cream called lipocream which was brilliant but has been taken of the market but you ask your phamacist for a similar product.

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Denise  ·  01 Mar 2007
Hi, I suffer with Ezcema on my face and neck, and have tried everything to find out what causes it to flare up, I would be interested to try out the Ceptaphil range of products, would you know were I could get these, and are they sold on prescription or over the counter ??

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Trish4John  ·  08 Feb 2007
Julie-Ann, thanks for coming back so soon. Funny, I knew it would be no water at all. When he was very small, I knew a person whose son had eczema and she told then that her only way to manage it was 'no water'. It freaked me - I just couldn't get my head around it. And now, I have gone full circle.
At this stage, my son went to doctor and chatted to him about it all. He is doing his L/Cert and they both agreed on a course of action. I don't go with him to the doctor at this stage - he is 18 etc etc. So he is on a course of steroids (a bit freaked) - never did this before! We are going to finish as he has started. But I am going to discuss the 'no water' again. I feel it 'in my waters' if you'll excuse the expression, that it needs to be tried out - I know that it is the way to go 'cos I dread it so much.
I presume I can get the Celephil over the counter - we're going to give it a shot. Thanks again for your response.

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Julie-Ann (Portmarnock)  ·  08 Feb 2007
I mean no water whatsoever. I even asked if I could bathe in bottled water. My Specialist, Brigid O\'Connell, I couldn\'t recommend her any higher literally saved my life. She hospitalised me for two weeks just before my Wedding as I just couldn\'t get my skin under control. She instructed nurses that I was to rub cetaphil lotion all over my body and rub it off with a cotton cloth and that would be my \'shower\', I thought she was mad but when I look at my Wedding picture now my skin was like a pearl. I still get bouts when I get very bad but I take anti biotics and I moisturise and just try and regain some perspecitve on things and it always settles down. I can feel for your son but believe me, he\'s way past his GP at this stage. . Feel free to mail me again and bare with it. My Mam\'s heart breaks for me when I\'m bad and I\'m nearly 30 so dont worry, you\'re normal!!

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Trish4John  ·  06 Feb 2007
Julie in Portmarnock - when you say you stopped using water, do you mean no baths at all. My son, who is 18 is currently struggling with outbreak after outbreak of eczema. He is a chronic sufferer - since birth - have gone down many roads but now stick to the traditional one of bathing with emulsifying ointment - 3/4 times a week. Rarely showers. Also uses Protopic. Currently has finished a tube of Demovate with some Neoclarityn tablets. He's miserable and so am I. Gone to bed with skin very dry and uncomfortable to move. My heart is breaking for him and I don't know what to do. He thinks he should just go down to the Doctor tomorrow morning .. again!!!
I would appreciate your help and comments - anyone's help actually.

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Anonymous  ·  12 Nov 2006
Hi, My eczema started when I moved to Ireland and I was wondering if it was likely to be the different water type that is causing it. Does anyone have any other ideas about how i can go about sortung this out? I dont facy the idea of not showering!

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Lorna  ·  26 Jul 2006
Hi Julie Ann
I did the exact same as yourself I elimnated every thing else and found it to be the water. I used to shower on a daily basis and noticed after every shower my skin would become inflammed and red raw, I had baths and like yourself my skin cleared up in a matter of days. I couldnt get over the change I do shower now but not as regularly as I did in the past and I tend to leave my showers till night time.

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Julie-Ann (Portmarnock)  ·  14 Jun 2006
Hi, Julie-Ann here again. I'm nearly 29 now and I'm still not using water at all! I use Cetaphil Lotion all the time and it definitely works. I'm not saying I never get eczema but its never as angry and raw! I now also go for Accupuncture and I go to a Natropath, both are great at sorting out the system so the eczema weakens. Believe me, I've struggled with this all my life and I'm only now getting to grips with it! I never realised how much it affected me until people started commenting on how confident I seemed when I had no eczema! I hope everyone finds a way of coping cos I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Keep trying new things, nothing is silly if it works for you :)

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Anonymous  ·  13 Jun 2006
try T Tree products I found them very good

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pann  ·  04 Jun 2006
i have a 3month old baby with eczema.i was told to bath her every day and the eczema worsened.i am now washing her in liquid is much better.hopefully it continues to improve.

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Julie-Ann (Portmarnock)  ·  17 Sep 2003
I am 25 and I've suffered from eczema my whole life and last January I found a doctor that saved my life! I used to shower 2 or 3 times a day and it was ALL WRONG! The new Doc I found told me to stop using water altogether, at first I thought she was raving mad but it really really worked!!! It was literally a mircale. I went from being covered in scabs and wearing clothes to hide my rash to having perfect complection and now the lower cut the top the better! I use Cetaphil Lotion to clean myself now! Please contact me by e-mail if you want more info!!! Good Luck to everyone, its not easy!
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