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Susan (SusanTiptonFox)  ·  29 Mar 2003
I have dishydrotic eczema and was given Elidel and told it may or may not work. I used it and my hands dried to the point of cracking deeply in areas and now I am contending with secondary bacterial infection. This is not to say I would not have had the secondary infection had I not used the cream. Just take into consideration that it can be very drying.
Does anyone have any comments or ideas for dishydrotic/pompholyx eczema...my doctors more or less say, "Learn to live with it!"

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Megan (cooney322)  ·  11 Mar 2003
Has anyone had a good experience with Elidel? also--I have Discoid Eczema and it is very persistent. Does anyone else have this kind of eczema and could tell me how best to treat it (corticosteroid creams aren't working). Thanks!
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